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    hi me again, what kind of ignition upgrades/mods are around for these engines now days? both of mine are good no probs at all, but i often wonder if anyones messed with these setups at all with improved results cheers

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    JNMotors sells a true 2 stroke CDI with ignition retard at high rpm's that reduces vibration, increases power, and reduces possibility of seizing. The CDI that comes with these motors is made for 4 strokes and does not retard the ignition timing at rpm's above 3000.
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    thanks jaguar i want one its awsome im thinking about the tach and temp guage too. those centrifugal clutches look gooooood :tt1:
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    DoubleTrouble if you can elaberate on how an ignition is going to create any better spark on a plug thats designed to run at specified level I'd be vary greatful.
    I could see if there was a closed chamber head, modified camshaft and along with the modified intake and exhaust how the timming whould come in to play.
    I really dont think he went that far.
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    Replacing the standard CDI/ignition-coil combo with a true 2 stroke CDI and ignition coil will increase the spark power (voltage and current) as well as have a timing curve that is needed by two strokes. This is true regardless of spark plug used. Plugs are designed for a specific heat level, not for specific spark power.
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    Personally I cant agree with that. Expecially the part were your talking about spark power. When you have sputtering in the engine a hotter plug is a simple solution.
    2 Stroke are designed with stock egnition specifically for the motor.
    The only time theres a timming curve is when the camshaft is modified.
    You can show me anywhere in the definition were power is described on spark plug. Prove it. Dont just say it.

    I know what your talking about is the autolight guy flexing his little muscle.

    If your going to give a mod you need to get it running first.

    Here's a mod for ya drill another hole in the head and create a dual exhaust. Then you can run dual carbs.
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    Power in the electrical sense is voltage multiplied by current. I have measured the current the Jaguar CDI puts out and its about 50% more. Voltage is determined by the spark plug gap. (from Spark gap in Wikipedia: " When the voltage difference between the conductors exceeds the gap's breakdown voltage, a spark forms") But with this CDI the gap can be very large which shows the maximum potential voltage is much higher. Maybe I should make a video showing this.
    You said "2 Stroke are designed with stock egnition specifically for the motor." Not so in this case. These cheap ******* chinese put a 4 stroke CDI with the Grubee engine just because it was cheap and because not having an ignition retard at higher rpm's will reduce power and rpms which is what they wanted so it could pass all regulations in all countries.
    There is no camshaft in these Grubee 2 stroke engines. Please don't open your mouth if you don't know anything about 2 stroke engines. Read and learn first.

  9. The way I see it , any way to improve the efficiency of these crappy little happy time motors is a bonus in performance. Imagine using an old wet cracked carbon spark plug wire vs a new copper core wire. Any difference? especially at higher rpms. Same with a new wire, good spark plug and an ignition that puts out more voltage at higher current. Each will have the motor gain a bit of power with a more complete combustion. So the motor will have higher rpm's , more horsepower ,better acceleration, and better fuel economy.
    I am using an e3 spark plug and upgraded copper wire and boot. I also remade the connections from the coil to the cdi with good solid booted connections.I also use semi synthetic oil mixed 40-1. On a 60 pound bike with me at 185 pounds ,I have maxed out at 36 mph while regularly getting above 30. That is without a new cdi.
    I don't know if it might help ,but I suspect that it would. Just like porting , polishing and an expansion exhaust. Its little things than add together for a better bike.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen please dont try this at home and Im serious.

    When I have a drivers license I drive on one wheel thats why Im here.
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    DT I agree completely. To me a two stroke is somewhat of a harmonic resonance machine. Even little changes that enhance the resonance (of intake and exhaust) make a helpful difference. A little bit off can hurt the output a lot. That's why modifying an engine should be done intelligently and correctly.
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    The plug is supposed to be either higher or lower then B6HS. You can read about it below.


    Get an aftermarket spark plug. In fact, get a couple so you have spares. They are cheap. These bikes use a cheap Chinese plug and get a little better performance with a name-brand part. Spark gap is not critical. Gap your plug anywhere between .025"-.035 and it will work fine.

    NGK B5HS or B7HS
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    is this guy serious?

    closed combustion chamber? modified camshaft? drill a hole in your head then you can add a dual exhaust. then run twin carbs? seriously?

    though, better listen to him. he rides on one wheel when he has a license. meaning hes such a good rider that the cops caught him :)

    im gunna go drill a hole in my head now! it makes me smart like that guy!

    ngk spark plugs increase power by 43.27% over cheap chinese junk. its a namebrand part :D

    listen to jaguar... i dont agree with everything he says but at the moment, i do :) a 2stroke is a resonant system. everything must be in harmony. waffling on about how a b5hs or b7hs is better than a b6hs shows a complete lack of understanding of the most basic concepts.
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    and just for the record...that site, the survival blog...

    while it mentions b5hs and b7hs, it doesnt elaborate on the whys or "whereforartthou's" of requiring them rather than a b6..or bp6hs if it where...

    plois explain? :D

    emp? lol...i think i better go and insulate one of my cdi units in an aluminium can because it might get EMP'd even though it produces its own EMP about 100 times a second at 6grand...
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    You can't be serious. All the same problems which are 4 currently have the same problems. So you have no solution but you try to give your EZ dumptruck friend credit for knowing nothing and solving nothing unless you prestage a thread like I see so many times.
    You aint helping nobody.
    Changing the CDI wire is as smart as drilling a hole in the head.
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    Changed out old chinese plug, plug boot and wire.

    Now running NGK B6HS (.032 Gap), MSD 8.5mm lead & Boots. Threaded onto old standard CDI via exposed screw and hot glued. 20:1. Runs really well.

    I agree with jag about the CDI needing to retard/advance as you can hear the pitch change just after it reaches its optimum rev range then every now and again flutters a little, bugger all, but you can tell it would probably help.
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    oh. blue 48.....

    i hold you ENTIRELY responsible for jinxing my cdi unit today!

    (yes its the cdi cus the magnetos generating something whilst the coil just aint biting like it should...)

    lol. lucky i got some spares... :D and a few schematics of various options INCLUDING a pic-chip based(thats a microprocessor folks) cdi so as to program any freakin curve one can desire :)

    but the death of the cdi explains why it stopped idling nicely when warm... sometimes.

    taking me back to long long ago to when i wanted to modify the rotor and coil anyway, make something adjustable, or use a brushcutter coil or something... now im thinking again!

    i need more money :'(
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    @headsmess sorry mate:whistling:.@ EVERYONEelse it seems like i started some kind of :poop: fight that wasnt expected :-/ im not having any issues at all with my ingition i was just doing some thinking is all:confused: but i did get some info off u guys so thanks and once again i didnt mean to start anything :(
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    I know on older vintage engines, timing was advanced and retarded mechanically, the point lobes rotated on a shaft based on centrifugal force. How would that work on a CDI, is it electronic? One of my MBs has a Homelite CDI chainsaw motor on it and it stays in its power band up to the maximum rpm. Is that because the CDI advances and retards electroncally?