illegal aliens?

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    i noticed that video is from a couple years ago.
    but it shows where all the work went doesnt it!
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    I give the people confronting the problem gobs of credit, but on the illegals side, at least they want to work...

    The real problem comes from the latino gangs...

    Remember I told you about the knife fight? Well, the black gangs run when they see the latino's up here! They walk arround w/Mac 10's under their jackets.
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    if they want to work,they can go work on fixing their own country.not driving wages down in mine.their not starving when they come across the boarder.just looking for the american dream.get in line buddy,get in line.

    the gangs are full of illegals.
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    Not saying in the least that I disagree w/you... Our Govn't craps on us and gives them everything free.

    On a more possitive note: Be sure you check out the refreshed New Years thread for two awesome Christmas songs I posted. You'll never hear them done better, I swear!
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    I hate to say it but we need them... the service industry, agriculture, and a ton of other industries would tank w/out the labor.

    I think a lot of them are good people... with a lot to offer society. I would also bet that given the same situation any of us would do the same thing. Only problem is this... how do you weed out the bad and only allow the good in???

    We get a good portion of the crime and generally worthless people from mexico, el salvador, columbia, and all of the other countries... and it sucks. How do you economically handle something like this??? Its about to ruin CA, our only saving grace is that they have stopped immigrating so fast.
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    Simple. Spanish speakers dump in Mexico City. Chines you take to the coast, load em on a boat, take them 12 miles out, give them an old truck inner tube and tell them to start paddling west. If they paddle east, shoot the inner tube. Others, as similarly appropriate.

    If you catch them a second time, 2 years at hard labor without pay, then deport them - after tattoing a day glo orange 3/4 inch spot on each cheek. Catch them a third time, shoot them.

    All of the above being utterly un-PC, of course.

    As for the "need them" thing, I'd disagree. What is needed in the agricultural area is a lifting of the "labor standards" that now prevent hiring school age kids to harvest hand picked crops. I grew up picking berries, beans, pulling onions, cutting broccoli and cabbage and cauliflower, bucking hay bales, trimming christmas trees, picking apples, peaches, plums, pears, etc - it did me no harm, of that I can assure you.

    Make welfare "work-fare", and if a welfare mother conceives a new child while on welfare, at that childs birth her "benefit" gets REDUCED, not increased. If a worker on unemplyment benefits exhausts their "normal" benefit cycle, and goes on extended benefits, they must show proof of application for ANY available job, even minimum wage jobs.

    The core of the problem is not that Americans won't do the jobs, it is that the incentive to take the jobs is low. Increase the incentive.
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    no the economy doesnt need them.the boss who wants more money in his pocket at the end of the week needs them.
    like ss said,the incentive is to low.illegals are keeping the price of labor to cheap and its hurting us all.these guys are doing skilled labor,and driving the price of skilled labor down too.heres what you do about kick all these politicians out first,cause there allowing it to happen.then you have a great round up.pack there bags full of food and water and say the parties over and send them all back.the instant lack of labor would shoot the demand back up.that should raise the pay rate up.
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    being up here may add 25 years to the American dream

    just another one of the worst THINGS that has happened to our Country
    they are draining Calif to the dry bone now
    when they commit a crime
    we get to pay for their lock up on this side
    then after doing their time they are deported
    only to be back in a few days at many times
    they are pumping out kids here like no tomorrow
    they like these legal girls very much here when they can get them also
    they know that those homes give them a sure THING probably forever
    many have more than one family on this side and a family down south

    I told my son 20 years ago now
    that there would come a day
    when many would wish to live up here in the mountains
    so as to get away from all of that

    being up here may add 25 years to the American dream ??

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    So an illegal can make a living here in the USA earning "cr@ppy" wages, and not only afford to live here - but send money back home!

    What does this tell me? It tells me that the "minimum wage" is a crock of sheet, and has done more to drive illegal immigration than it has helped the average worker. We need to abolish the welfare state and get rid of the unions and next thing you know we will have Americans, not illegals, lining up to do the jobs that we thought Americans won't do.
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    I think unless you are a Native American, in somebody's world, most of us would be considered Illegal Aliens.
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    The "Indians" were invaders as well. Ask a giant ground sloth, or an American camel, or the mastodons, or the american horses - if you can find any to ask.

    Every species/population on the face of the earth is, to a greater or lesser extent, an invader or the product of adaptation after invasion. Even the plants.
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    when you conker a nation,your no longer an illegal.
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    Darned right!

    We stole this joint, fair and square. It's ours till someone steals it from us.
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    "We" stole nothing. Not one American alive today was responsible for "stealing" this country from the indians, nor has any living American owned and traded African slaves. I guess it won't stop the guilt that will enslave all of us into paying "repairations" to American Indians and African Americans (both light and dark skinned ones Mr. Reid) until the end of time.

    Now we are being told that America needs to pay "ecological" repairations because of our past consumption of natural resources and pollution.

    What ever happened to moving on, and looking forward instead of dwelling on the past.

    When the subject of radical Muslims comes up, I've noticed some people bring up the Catholics and the inquisition. But I have yet to read of a nun or priest blowing themselves up and killing non-Catholics in the name of God. For some reason, almost every day, somewhere in the world a Muslim suicide bomber kills some "infidels" in the name of "Allah".
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    Arcee, have you ever heard of a Muslim leader going out and killing people? They do what the IRA and the Protestants do. Send out the rank and file after they preach that it has to be done. Strange thing is that they are doing it for God also.

    Canada had 76 Tamil Tigers show up of BC's coast and they were grabbed and jaikled. Some judge just ruled that they had to be set free after paying a bond to appear in court. One of them was on the INTERPOL list of terrorists. The word now is the saps in Canada will take you in, so that rats hole is now going to empty.

    Any Hatian that has a relative in Canada will be fast tracked into the country if the law passes and it will. The only good part is they head to Quebec since they speak French. Now that load of crooks is coming here, They turned that place into a sewer and now we are next. At least we have a Government.

    That should cost us a few hundred million and do nothing. The Gov. here is going to match any money raised.

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    I'm still waiting for the crates of Hatians to arrive in Brooksville FL...
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    machiasmort, don't bother waiting! They are being fast tracked to Canada and I am not kidding.
    We are bringing in loads of orphans and anyone with family in Canada {too many} are being allowed to come to Canada as soon as they can be cleared.