Illinois resident near Wisconsin border

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    Hello All,

    Back in my early teen years I rode mini bikes and dirt bikes. Forty years later; I'm sort of back at it. In the early 70's you could motorbike the dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan. Today you could be ticketed for walking off a trail. A motor assisted bike at 57 lbs could be carried on the back of my car deck lid away from traffic. A Reese deck mount bike rack that lifts by the tires, not by the bike frame from Walmart works fine. My bike is a 9 year old Landrider autoshift with 24 inch tires and a 17 inch frame. The motor is a 2012 batch Grubee 66 with the included CNS carb having three EPA air vent tubes. The carb worked right out of the box without any adjustments. Using the 44 tooth sprocket and new motor break in oil, at about 18 mph, the bike tested at 116 mpg in a 22 mile test. Changing the rear sprocket to 36 teeth; riding the same test at about 22 mph; the bike made 143 mpg at .92 oz fuel mix per mile. The test was done over the border in Wisconsin since riding in my back yard of Illinois is not allowed with this size motor. My goal is to have the bike cruising at 30 mph with less noise and vibration while maintaining high fuel economy. I still use the bike as a pedal bike in my home town.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Sounds like you pay attention to detail. That can be handy.