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    hey i just recently found out about these bike to moped kits and finally got enough money to buy a kit from for $114 it comes from a colorado company named OBN.

    first i would like to say ive seen some really cool bikes so far but i havent really seen any big people and was wondering if there was a reason for that lol like the title says im a big guy im about 6'4" and i weigh over 500lbs are there any tips i should know that would help me in making sure i dont break the engine on the first ride

    and second is has anybody heard any bad news from or the company OBN so far they seem to be pretty cool the engine was sent pretty much right after i payed and they emailed me the tracking number but the return policy is 5 days after you recieve it so i would like to know if what they are sending me has any bad rep

    im prolly going to be a return user to this site and when im done with the bike im going to make a post about it any problems i had and stuff like that with pictures if i get any replys to this thanks but if not cool

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    We're glad you found us.

    500 lbs? That could be a problem. You're not joshing us (or just exagerrating)?

    I don't really want to get personal about it, but you must have pretty thick legs. Can you pedal a bike comfortably, or nearly comfortably? That's going to be a must for starting from a stop.

    And any roughness on the road is going to be very hard on your bike. I think you're going to need something built like a tank.

    But of course I do hope you succeed. Hope you have fun and hope you stick around.

    And you'll be able to find all sorts of good advice here.
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  3. Timote87

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    no i am really that big yes my legs are thick but im able to still pedal a bike alright i recently moved and had to leave my bike behind it was a Shwinn cruiser i had to get a seat post that leaned backwards and some ape hanger style handle bars but it held me good enough when i can im going to get it sent out of me and i will put an engine on that too if all works out on my brothers bike out here
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Okay, that's cool. (by the way, I have a pretty good customer in Seymour. So I know your town. I'll come and ride with you when I visit him someday)

    Let's see, then. I'm still a bit worried about the beating that your bike will take. But that can be lessened. I try to ride not-very-much faster than I ride a pedal bike. (I think I'm a bit in the minority on that one. But whatever) You'll likely have to do the same. So I'd suggest a larger drive sprocket. One of the vendors has a 50 tooth available. When you ride one of these "happy time" engines slowly, the rpms are way down low. It's not where the engine really likes to be operating. So the ride is something like the old John Deere two cylinder tractors. Thump, thump, thump, etc.
    It's annoying. I'm thinking of going to a bigger drive sprocket, too, just to get that engine speed up a bit.

    You're certainly going to need to ride gently. Your heft is going to make this type of bike and riding difficult. But I'm willing to believe that it can be done if you're careful. And once you've established that you like this type of biking and that it's practical for you, you could look forward to getting, perhaps, a rack mount engine on a full suspension bicycle.
    That's more expensive. But there are rack mount enthusiasts here who will tell you that they've never looked back. Though I've never ridden one, I'm willing to believe that it makes a nice bike.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    You know, thinking about it a bit more, I should probably be careful not to lead you on.
    We really do wish you success and hope you get many, many miles out of your rig.

    But I'm sure that you are going to have to ride very slowly and choose only the very smoothest pavement. As soon as you've got a few more bucks to put into it, I'd get some heavy duty wheels. Those are likely to be your first trouble.

    If you just follow that advice, though, I'm fairly optimistic that you can get $100 and some dollars worth of value out of it. And then move on to something with a suspension and you'll really be off and running.

    good luck.
  6. biken stins

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    Hi Timote.
    Don't Know much about bike The Vendor section has reviews and coments.
    Would think you might go for a custom built frame. You could get it built to your height and strengthened for your weight. There are some 3 wheelers that might fit your needs.
    Rear sprocket may need a few more teeth,to get you moving. These motorbikes are a hoot at any speed. If you look at the pictures and read about other peoples builds you can get ideas of what you need. One kit enables you to use a multi speed set up. There are larger engines around. Not to be a wise guy but your size will make most engines look small. which I think is good as the law sometimes judge on engine size. Good luck. Welcome to the site.
  7. Timote87

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    thanks for all the replys Bluegoatwoods that would be great if you ever came down here even if i cant get a rig set up for me off the bat i will still have a blast building one for my little bro well hes not so little either but hes not as heavy as i am
  8. ENO

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    Hey Timote..Welcome from ENO (Down Under)..Why dont you access GRAUCHO MBc for some fabrication and build tips..some of his bikes could carry you well..also ask LARGE FILIPINO who admits to being a big guy so he may have some really good advice on frames and motors etc..No matter what get on it and go...good luck big guy...ENO
  9. Mountainman

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    engine should be no big problem -- with a low -- very low gear

    extra heavy duty wheels and frame would be best

  10. Ramblerfan

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    I bought my new 4 stroke from and found them to be very fair and honest. Check out thier new 4 stroke installation manual at their site!! The 4 stroke might be a good choice for you in that you don;t need to pedal it to take off, just start it up and go! Good luck with your build.
  11. professor

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    Hi Tim, I see no problem with the engine being up to your task. Like the guys said -gear it down and ride bike speed ( I ride bike speed).
    Does the bike you are going to do have just a coaster brake? THAT would worry me.
    I suggest to anyone who is going our direction to make sure they have a brake on both ends. I only go bike speed (15 mph or so) and my ,"Race wt." (me and bike) is 250# and would not go with one rear brake ever.
    I did see a Schwinn with 7speed and V-brakes that I liked a real lot- cruiser style and the frame seemed stronger than I normally see.
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    a tall guy?

    6'5" you say, ok, we'll talk about weight later...i'm 6'5" 195lbs...not many real tall guys here so i bet you could use my input...

    let's be real, my friend, nothing off the rack fits right. right? right. and especially stuff like bicycles. if you want and/or need to do this right the first time & harvest the full experience (i did & i do) then do a frame that fits you comfortably &, most importantly, safely. it does not have to be expensive or complicated unless you want it to be.

    this is an early version of the only MB i've ever owned, with a 70cc HT. a 22" men's 5-spd cruiser (Miami Bike Supply "Key Largo" circa late 80's) tweaked by iRide Customs (a member of MBc) ...a technically-simple 16" extension behind the seat-tube, the pic will tell you the rest...

    this is true ;)

    here's the bike today, same frame but several incarnations later, golden eagle/tanaka purefire 40cc:

    my wheels are salvaged moped drum hubs (AMF '82) and basic steel clincher rims, 10G front & 9G rear...look up The Wheelmaster (another member) for serious stuff if that's your thing.

    and spearheaded by a billet whizzer fork...

    but still, it's simply a "standardized" but heavy-duty single-speed dual-drum pedal-bicycle.

    point being: once you own the right bicycle, you can do whatever you want :)

    about your weight...candidly it will make MB'ing at a casual hobby-level tough for you...start saving now if you have to economize, you will need real brakes, 12gauge basic steel wheels minimum (or better of course), thick tubes, tires known for durability & toughness. and low-gearing on the engine-side of things is an obvious must. there are areas here that address all that, so "read read read" your butt off...and take your time above all else.

    helmet & lights!

    welcome to the MBc :cool:
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    Mr. or Mrs. Timote87 has only made 4 posts since April of last year. I wonder if they still hang out with us?
  14. GearNut

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    Hey now.... I'm 6'7"... we can't be that rare here! :D
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    haha...dangit rambler' & guys got me good, i didn't even notice that ;)

    and that was such a good post too :p

    time for a poll?
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    Augi- We all got ourselves BUT, these old posts still carry some zing forward. You never know who can use the good info therein.
    I would like to see a poll too. Around here, I NEVER see anyone your size on a bike of any kind. Thin spandex riders and kids, with a couple of old guys on equally old bikes thrown in, is about it.
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    and i realized this too...if i hadn't been distracted during the time he joined & posted, i guess i could have helped him and maybe he'd still be around & riding...i wonder how it turned out for him?

    it's funny seeing a 63yo guy calling peeps old, makes me feel like a real youngster. but professor, you've enjoyed 10 years i haven't earned yet, so i will not laugh too hard & i will keep my fingers crossed ;)
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