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    Hey, I'm Beck. I'm totally new to motor biking. I'm in Florida so I want to ride on the beach and the street. I recently purchased a pretty standard beach cruiser that I want to put a motor on. I was thinking though, after riding, I'm going to want suspension. Not sure still lol. I'd like to learn the basic mechanics of the bicycle and then try and take on this awesome project. I'm a pretty handy girl so I'm excited for the challenge!! I'm hoping to learn as much as I can from this super cool community. I'd love your input.

    My bike is a Schwinn Point
    Beach Cruiser, Blue. 7 speed

    Can't wait to ride!!:jester:
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    Hi Beck, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    My 2 cents- a mountain bike is ideal- get one with front suspension fork, they come with good "V" brakes (you NEED good brakes). Replace the handlebars, so you can ride more upright, get a nice comfey seat and a suspension seat post. You then will have a good foundation.
    If you go with a full suspension bike you will need a rack-mount engine, I suspect this would be the way to go anyway.
    Spend a lot of time here and do some searching.