I'm a newbie here - but not to building mopeds.

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    I built my first moped out of a Huffy Cranbrook with a Powerking 80cc back in early February 2007. I rode it about 3000 miles before selling it to a neighbor. During that time, I built at least 8 other 26" beach cruisers and about 6 Schwinn OCC Choppers - all with Powerking motors. I even managed to shoe-horn the Powerking 80's into a pair of 24" Kulana bikes. I finished my most recent 26" Kulana Moon Dog a week ago today! My friend just loves it.
    I'm trying to figure out how to upload the images of all these bikes - instructions seem to be a bit sparse... Be patient - I'll figure it out eventually.
    Anyway - glad to be here and ready to jump into threads when I can.

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    Hi. sounds like you could give good hints and tips.