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any tips for a cold start

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  1. brad in florida

    brad in florida New Member

    Just got this 07 from a neighbor,,,$200,,,haven't cranked it yet,,45 miles showing,,,

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  2. brad in florida

    brad in florida New Member

    He drained the 6 year old gas,,,I'm ready to run it and ride,,
  3. 1983JZR3W

    1983JZR3W Member

    You should be jailed for stealing that Whizzer........beautiful bike and what a great deal!! Welcome to the forum.
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  4. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    Very nice looking bike and build for $200. I think you got a great score there.
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  5. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    If you are asking for starting tips, among the basic, I would just give it a lot of extra prolong speed before releasing the clutch or engaging the engine. This would really help it suck in gas vapors. Normally, you probably don't have to do so peddling to get it started.
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  6. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    Oke, my English was horrendous in the previous post. I meant to say for your first start and maybe a few after you should really get a lot of speed (15mph+), release the clutch, and then maintain a lot of speed. Normally, you will not need a lot of speed to get it started but since this is a cold start in years... The extra speed will help suck in a lot of gas vapors for your first start.
  7. brad in florida

    brad in florida New Member

    Next question,,the guy I bought this from,,,didn't give me the key,,,how difficult is it to get a new one,,or take it somewhere and have the ignition keyed for a new key?? Open for suggestions