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    hello everybody im new here obvisouly i bought a 80ccebay bike kit i didnt think it would be anything worth having but man was i wrong .And it is legal for me to ride it on streets thats even more of a treat cause in a lot of states its illegal. Have you noticed all the fun stuff is illegal and all the boring stuff is legal never quite figured it out but oh well.:devilish:

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    Welcome to the Forum.
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    Welcome to the forum. These things are hassle free if you don't mind doing a bit of maintenance and tinkering.
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    Dam. Your right. welcome to the party.
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    Wow, I came in to jokingly say "DARE to Motorize." Instead I'll say that you're rights are inalienable. For those whom don't believe in God, that's fine... He still gave you the same rights everyone else has.

    A few things need to be clear.

    You have the right to own property. Clear as day and non-negotiable.
    You have the right to travel. Clear as day and non-negotiable.

    If you are going through legal troubles... please always remember that you and keeping your property is more important than doing things that may put everything at risk. Freedom is worth fighting for.

    This is really good technology to own. Any attempt to restrict the right to own property and transport that property is completely illegitimate. If you don't need the registration, avoid it. Some cites are really enthusiastic about it. If you can, ride free. It's a free country, no one has the right to force you to add anything to your property.

    A law that requires a license, a permit (permission) to do something that you have right to do (own property and transport that property) does not need to be enforced by your local sheriff. A law that requires registration of anything does not need to be defended. You are free... nothing is required. A law that requires you to wear helmet? If travel more than a few miles, it's a real good idea... other than that, it's my body, why is there a law forcing me to wear something?

    As far as the fluff about "deterrent from theft" or something like that... what percentage of cars that are stolen are found in tact?

    I wouldn't expect a police officer to risk life or limb for me... There is no way I'm expecting the police to find my bicycle if stolen. I'll stay as close to it as possible.

    I'm willing to believe that a camera set up on the handle bars and a mini photo light, rigged to a sensor that calls your phone if the bike moves in the wind... would deter more than a state plate ever will.

    What law ever prevented a crime?

    As far as the EPA standards... with the turn of events that happened in 2009... right then and there, no California sheriff has to enforce it. The laws are still written, the businesses these laws benefit are still doing business. There is no need to worry. The older ones got figured out to meet the EPA California standards before, and they still do. You guys in other states got some good bikes running. If the law catches up with what scientists are having to admit, things might pick up. It's not like a lot of people are buying out of state bikes. It would largely benefit owners of other vehicles. A lot still has to be figured out in California.

    Again, no need to worry. If you love motorized bicycles like a lot of people here do, there are guys that would build two or three a year over here, in California. You know where everyone dreams of custom machines. I'm sure there are people in all cities through out the country.

    I ride California street legal. I know how important horsepower, traction, velocity and braking control are. Sometimes I travel through many cities. I build my bikes to be reliable. When I need to be some place, I intend to be there on time. I don't need to be talking to every officer having a slow day.

    I wish you best of luck on your builds Photo245 and all the new builders like myself. There is a lot of good information about building here. It's a fun sport. I do think it is healthy exercise.
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