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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by madman, Apr 9, 2009.

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    I'm new to the mb scene but I've already put three bikes together. The first one was okay I thought until I got my second engine from a different supplier. Wow this one runs great, it had a lot more power than the first. It went faster easier and it made me wish the first one was like it. So of course I bought another from my second supplier and put it on the first bike which was a old huffy blades. Total disappointment. It ran just like the first engine did. So I changed everything external from the second engine back to the first. No change. At this point I'm thinking something has got to be different between the engines. I got a third bike that was the same as the second bike, a huffy cranbrook and put the third engine on it. Guess what, it went faster than then first bike and ran close to the second motor. I spent hours and many hair pulls when weight was all that was different. Like I said I'm an idiot.:jester:

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    I also notice my new engine idles way better than my last one, and they were both the "pK" brand. This one idles so low and smooth that it's almost silent.
    That is why I think it best to just ride the thing and the heck with spending hours screwing around trying to get more power. That's just me though, I just want it to take me where I need to go with a little dependability thrown in to the mix.
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    when it comes to the what's commonly called HT engines
    I am not sure if any two of them run the same ???

    kind of interesting
    most all other engines made -- usually all run pretty much the same................

    ride that MB thing
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    I have two happy times.

    there is definitely a difference between them. Not huge, but one runs and idles smoother than the other.

    It's pretty well accepted around here that no two are the same. And in some cases the differences are pretty big.
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    Yes they all vary and a few are quite sweet. I'm working on a new one that misfires and am not sure if it's the CDI or Magneto but I've established it's not the carby. It came it from ZBox and they will replace faulty parts once I can tell what part is faulty. A good supplier is a must and I would warn people away from Ebay and steer them towards the established supplying agents with a good reputation. A quick look around this forum will show you who the good guys are.