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    Hi, I'm Phoghat and live in Queens NY. I've always been a gear head and used to help my father put an Offenhauser manifold with dual carbs on our 53 Flat Head Ford. Graduated to my own cars and motorcycles. Last bike I had was an 2006 Harley Fat Boy. I joined this forum because I wanted to build a bike, after working as a pharmacist for 40 years I want to get my hands greasy again, for relatively little cost

  2. Welcome. From what I've been reading here motored bicycles may be illegal in NY State. Do a search for NY law.
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    Hi Phog, welcome to Motoredbikes! The Senate passed an e-bike law, which the Assembly will give to the Gov. sometime to sign (hopefully he is not so ensnared in his own dumbness that he will sign it).
    The gasbikes will still be non-legal but we do have a couple of guys here who run them.
    I concocted a gas/elect. this winter to be legal- yet not tied to battery charging.
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    Hey Phoghat Is that like FOGHAT slow ride !!!!! take it easy !!!!!
    Welcome!!!!!! ( thats one of the best rock and roll song's ever written )
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    Yeah, had to change it to "Ph" over copywrite issues lol. I think that motorized bikes are illegal in the city of NY. That being said however, I see an awful lot of then around and they don't seem to be getting pulled over. There's a large Asian population where I live and they all use electric bikes. I had an E-Zip I just sold because it just didn't have the range and weighed about 70 LBS
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    Well you can be a outlaw biker !!! ha ha
    Just ride it till they put you in jail !!!!
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    Phoghat, welcome. You came to the right spot because you are amongst a bunch of phoggy old coots. The rest will claim I'm leading the pack but I cant remember.

    Large Asian population here too but they are all driving BMW's. They should be driving e-bikes.

    Building an e-bike myself because that is all thats legal in Canada. Put a sidecar on a 1952 Monark balloon tire cruiser I'm restoring. Used a hub motor and will add a Li-Poly battery for distance.

    You have landed in good hands. Lots of knowledge here.