I'm assuming clutch problem?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by DoktorD1313, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. DoktorD1313

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    Ok here's my problem... I let my friend take my bike for a spin and the next day when I started it up to take it to class, I'm getting terrible acceleration with occasional "lurching" during acceleration that is worse when going uphill. Almost like the lurching you would get if engaging the clutch at a standstill? He says he didnt do anything to it, although could this have happened by him not using the clutch correctly?

    I'm assuming this would be a clutch problem?

    I'll take the cover off tomorrow when the weather is a little better and see if I cant visually find anything wrong.

    Its just a little HT 80cc with the standard manual clutch.

    One things for sure, after this i'll be keeping my bike to myself :rolleyes7:

  2. fetor56

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    Sounds like a good idea to start with the clutch & if your unsuccessful there move on to fuel............process of elimination man.
    Not adviseable to let ppl(even friends) ride your bike.I always remember what someone here on MBc said....."my bike is my horse and i don't let anyone ride my horse"
    Good luck.
  3. Mountainman

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    a little tight with my riding THINGS

    I don't let anyone ride my riding THINGS
    I know this sounds a little tight on my side

    usually -- usually I don't want to ride others THINGS either

    until yesterday
    I was helping my buddy put a new carb on his motor bike
    after we got it on it wasn't running perfect
    so -- yes -- Mountainman got on it so as to test
    the tires were very very low do to sitting around -- no pump handy

    I got about 75 ft made a turn -- went down fast
    fell like mountain **** for dumping his MB -- although it looked to be OK
    but -- my left knee sure doesn't look very OK today !!!

    I don't share that THING with other's
    not to break or wear it out
    a little tight with my sweetie
    not sharing don't you pout

    ride that thing
  4. DoktorD1313

    DoktorD1313 New Member

    If it is with the clutch, what would turning the adjustment nut in or out change?
  5. fetor56

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    By the sound of it your clutch is slipping cos the bikes got poor acceleration combined with the odd lurching sensation.
    Test your bike by having the clutch handle IN & walking freely with the bike.....release the handle & your bike should come to a quick stop.If it continues to move foreward but more slowly then your clutch is slipping............adjust the nut inwards 1/2 turn then repeat(IF necessary)

    BTW...mark the nut/plate first then you'll have a reference point,& adjust the nut with the handle IN(it's easier)
  6. fetor56

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    PS.....People feel free to disagree cos it's been AGES since i've worked on a 2-stroke.
  7. DoktorD1313

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    Ok thanks for the advice! I'll be giving that a try and getting back to you guys... Should be this weekend that I'll get the time to work on it a little bit.
  8. DoktorD1313

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    I guess it was due to cold weather? Idk what changed other than the weather. When I had this problem it was about 30 degrees, then I started it up today (63) and it ran beautifully?

    Has anyone else experienced something like this due to cold weather?
  9. cooltoy

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    Lurching sounds more like a fuel problem than clutch to me. It could have been a stuck float or who knows what but all is good so don't worry about it.
    I remember once when I was driving and all of a sudden my bike felt like it was running out of gas and stalled. It would not start for a few minutes and all of a sudden it started up and never did it again.