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  1. stealthc9

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    hey everyone, well I havent been around much. Been Busy with school work, and stuff. My Motored Bike (non-running) was stolen from outside my old house the day I was moving out (second time i was moving and got my vehicle stolen) But It wasnt running anyways.

    Well I moved....again. And I have my Ninja 250 (not tagged), I just traded a RedLine Proline Expert XL Frame and forks for an Old Beater Beach Cruiser. (I pick it up tomorrow) I just ordered a PK80 Jet Black kit. I got it for $82.15 after shipping.

    I cant wait to get it, and I'll have pics of the Bicycle up tomorrow! It's gonna need Paint and to be retrofitted for a rear brake set up. Im not doing another Brakeless Build LOL.

  2. machiasmort

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    Still in NPrichie?

    Wondering if 65,000 would get a decent house out there?
  3. stealthc9

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    Yea, i am well im in holiday (sistering city to npr) and yea 65k would get u a pretty decent house
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    By the way you spelled your entry i thought you might be a spammer--glad your not ! Wow a house for $65 grand up here a house is $365 ! or $465 !
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    Robin, can tell your not in Vancouver. In the right area in the city a fixer upper/tear down
    is a $1,000,000 or more.

    That"s why I'm going to Prince Edward Island where a fixer upper can be had for $20,000 and the lobster are just down at the pier.

  6. robin bird

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    Wow a big move but a better way of life iam sure.
  7. fasteddy

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    Robin,I just moved back 2 years ago from the US after living there for 23 years. I spent 20 of them in New Hampshire and up state New York on the Mohawk river.

    When I moved back, BC wasn't what I left and now I find moving back east not as bad as I thought it would be. The house/land prices are so reasonable that the winters are worth it.

    Checked on the computer to find out about the motor bike laws and it took forever find them. They don't seem to be a priority but pretty much the norm. it's 49cc ect. and the bigger engines make it a motorcycle.

    Looked up motorcycle tests and all I could find was something that someone had written that he knew of only one person that failed and he didn't put his foot on the ground when he came to a stop sign. The test course is a 2 block Square around the test station. Sound like when we were kids.

    I'm going to the meet in Sudbury Ont. in May then East Coast from there to see for myself.

  8. robin bird

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    I came from Guelph Ontario in 1973-i never want to go back-but it is in central Canada which i dont find as nice as here-Penticton now is filling up with yuppies and not as nice as it once was. I still love the beaches and the peaches but it is busier now and the roads are too. Oliver B.C. (where i live now in the summer) is real rural and backroads are very quiet-very good for bicycles but it can be boring.
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    Robin, I'm from Toronto mainly, lived all over Ont. Came out in 1970 then came back in 1979.
    What I like about PEI is that there are 150,000 people and now that I have retired the lure of life in the 1950s is just too darned much.

    Ont. is nice but nothing there. Just got to have ocean.

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    lol nice my thread lol
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    i bought another bike today as well. but the site doesnt like 8mp photos