I'm Back. Finally...



Hey all, I haven't been ignoring y'all. I've had computer troubles (and a crazy life, schedule etc.) and finally, I'm back.
I've a new computer on the way, so soon it'll all be better. This ol' antiquated, vaccum tube powered, built in 1905, P.O.S. will be going bye-bye in short time...!
So the weather has turned here in the great northwest, but you know what? I've riding gear for all weather- including snowmobile gear for my bike riding in the dead of winter, I just need to spike my tires for the ice and snow and I'll be ready for it!!!
My Chinese happy fun time powered bike is almost back together, so we'll be rolling again in short time...
Thanks all and I hope all is well with all y'all!!!
Rif said:
...ol' antiquated, vaccum tube powered, built in 1905
ahhh...so wyman was heading for ny to get himself onna those newfangled computating-wonders, eh? or maybe he was just after a 2b/s high-speed modem :LOL:

good to hear from you, buddy :cool:
Welcome back.Can't wait to ride my Whizzer with you in August at the rally in Ocean park Washington.