I'm back in the saddle again!!!



my rear motor mount studs snapped in half the other day.

I used an easy out to extract them and then replaced them with BOLTS.

I replaced the exhaust studs with bolts, and the front and rear motor mount studs with bolts. Tightened it up and it was up and running.

Now I just have to adjust my float bowl forks to let the correct amount of fuel in. I think I over adjusted it, now it will not rev as high, even with full throttle.
who said "RIDE THAT THING" - she slapped me !!!!

Ride that thing....

oops, sorry mountainman, that is your line!

Stay safe, and nice upgrades to your ride!

man oh man -- it's early in the morning

thought that I was still asleep and having a dream

I heard someone say "ride that thing"

reached over and pinched the little wife

she slapped the heck out of me

please to all -- be very careful when we go to the

RIDE THAT THING place -- very serious stuff -- we love the muff

anyway -- glad your engine is back up and running

because wife, girlfriend or motor bike - we always enjoy it when we