Im back. (sort of)

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    I really like this forum, but when my retarded windows pro ver. 3 updated my system It lost all of my passwords.(ya, I know I should have store them away someplace safe but I did not.) then I tried to get to issue me a new password but I never got one.(spam filter?) Only when I logged in with Safari did it send me a password and even now I cant change it to something new.:confused:

    Back to reality: I just got a new Sick Bike Parts tuned pipe and am trying to install it so it will put the exhaust father back than the current Boy-wont-go system I got with my original M.B. kit.

    I have replaced the carb, the spark plug and wire and cdi, the drive sprocket (good job kings)and chain and the engine/transmission (good job Zoom cycles) When I finally replace the gas tank with something that wont require me to seal it with duct tape I will no longer have any of my original kit on my bike. On the other hand I have learned quit a bit about small engines and can now rebuild one in a bout an hour and a half. Since I build bike frames as a hobby I was thinking of making a "classic" ride with a new set of tubes and I saw a pair of drop outs that are horizontal by about three inches but still had a spot that you could hang a derailleur.

    I hope to get back to this board and keep up with these good people.

    Mike-Im growing older but not up-frye:jester:

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    Welcome back

    Hey Mike welcome back to Mbc..Post some pics..see ya.. Eno in (Oz)