im buying a motored bike kit today!


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Jan 15, 2008
Birmingham UK
hi everyone

i've been riding electric bikes for one and a bit years now and i fancy getting a motored bike as well. i may just use it for off road fun, we'll see how daring i can be. i'ld like to use it for my commute but they count as mopeds in the UK. i used to drive moto-X when i was 16.

the engine kits have gone down to £190 and my bearings need changing on my electric motor.
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i had a go at assembling it today. its half done. the engine is on, the sprocket is on and the chain that connects them.

with the black fuel tank on a red bike it looks really nice, unlike my electric bike which is a bit of a dog.
Keep us informed.

Moved thread to frame mount now I know it is a happy time engine.