I'm clutching for help!

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  1. asd602902

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    OK, new to this site. Decided to join on because my sister had a friend of hers add a two stroke motor to her bike. Reason is, she has no license and needs a cheap way to get around locally. Problem...he is kind of a "HACKER"! End result, the thing slipd in and out of gear, randomly. Sounds like the clutch may need adjustment. Haven't messed with one of these before. Any suggestions?

  2. wheelbender6

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    If the motor is a China girl, try tightening the flower nut. Tighten one notch at the time and then test ride.
  3. keystone

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    Possibly the key is stripped on the small gear that drives the clutch housing.
  4. Big Red

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    Clutch problem?

    Hey Ketstone, If that were the case, I think the thing would slip and never drive the chain. Sounds more like a bent clutch plate or shaft making it feel like it's going in and out of gear. But we are all just guessing. He really needs to have someone look at it that knows M.B's. If he were close enough to me I'd check it ou for him. Does ANYONE live near this guy? Sounds like he needs a little advice.
    Big Red.
  5. Big Red

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    Clutch problems?

    Where do you live? Maybe a M.B. Brother lives near enough to you to help out.
    Big Red.