im from where its 115 degrees and i bought my gas powered bike with quarters

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    hi my name is sean, live in yuma az and i did buy my bike with 100$ in quarters! longb story if you poke me enough ill tell yall bout it.... but just sayin hi ! cheers!
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    Nice way to make me smile in the morning, that's something great to save for.Make sure to get a good bike lock.Have fun
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    I live where the summer temperature is the same but here we have 6 month long summers!
    actually we are more interested in stories about these engines than we are in stories about quarters. (so sorry :)
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    When you said 115 degrees I knew it had to be in AZ. The only place that gets any hotter is Death Valley CA, and they don't call it Death Valley for nothing. I'm in Phoenix. I have ridden my MB to Yuma and back a couple of times. In the short winter. Our summers are also 6 months long, 4 month winter, 1 month spring and fall.
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  5. Out here in the inland empire it hits 110 in the summer all day... I have yet to test my 4 stroke in the heat just got it in October when the months finally started to cool. Kinda happy I got to break her in, in cold weather less stress denser air... Anyone with experience with a 4 stoke in horrid heat please feel free to pipe up haha
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    Welcome aboard TekStep, I am a desert dweller up North in Phoenix.
    You in Agriculture?

    For those of you that didn't know, Yuma's climate is why you can eat fresh salad in the dead of winter.
    Just no fun in the summer is all, though with all the pavement and concrete the 'heat island' above Phoenix can get tough unless you know how to deal with it but that is another topic ;-}

    They hold up better than a 2-stroke in every way including heat I feel, and I have built a couple dozen for use here.
    Just keep the oil fresh.

    I also recommend removing all the forced air cooling parts for the smaller engines like the HS 49cc and Honda 50.
    These engines were designed to sit stationary and use a blower to move air around the cylinder, you are moving air by riding.

    I haven't said anything about this except in passing as I haven't even tried it yet, but I have a hunch the HS ~50cc engines would have more power to the wheel if it didn't have to an air cooling system at all.
    Maybe enough savings in power to re-use that power in an electrical system and still retain it's original power rating.

    Untested concepts so far, but possible to even get them made.
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    kc, yeah im in like flyn round here i am no nubi to two stokes, i used to ride scoots in long beach check the attached last build i did 66cc husqua-varnia piston head, clip and needle bearings nand it was a ripper only scooter i could wheelie i love my china girl... but i have been drreaming of a 4 stroke genuine honda motor + jackshaft and 3 speed hub.... internal gearing like a old english flyer ie (no cogs shifter ect... i know Alot of loss but worth it... i build these bikes ive broken everything i think you can break by just running... you know whats funnny i can crack a case and be rollin by morning next day no matter what... i guess thats the only goodthing about a china girl.... and enough parts i did it with my celica and my 2-strokes check out my scoot i built the frame motor and it was bad the last one till - i caught it pedals when its broke fever... i pedaled home cause i had the drive sprocket tacked on with a welder cause the main bolt stripped out.... clutch worked but i was hauling ass and it goes clunk and over-revs and i can instantly-tell the go go is gone .... i pull the chain off reassemble in less that 12 min.... and i got home on time... now whats funny is i got a licence and love driving cars but rarely have i made it everywhere for 2 bucks a week... i mean i go to the foothills and back easy and mean easy.... but summertime HA GOOD-LUCK DUDE DONT DIE OK!!? is all i say anymore... i personally know two people who died from heatstroke in the two short years i been here.... anyway man if you distribute bike gear i have alot of people saying i could selll mad sh*t here i ride everywhere ion my bike everyday 3 people hit me uyp bout buying or fixing and as far as i know im the only dfaily driver here and that dead-i nation on me half lol... anyway im lookin for someone to give me a break on some parts to get rolllin on selling some dez. your in phoenix that a easy day drive there and back i do drive my boss up there every 3 weeks.... uh maby we can talk shop, and even perhaps biz.... see my attachments... my scoot and current build
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    lol oldies but goodies all the frames were costructed by chopping existing the last one i built was a nirvana it was custom built to me goofy foot style o blew flames did wheelies burned rubber easy...

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    this scooter is why i fell in love with honda cy-160s it had only a header and idled just like a harley i started her every day so someone could hear that note! loved absolutely loved its loppy ass idle but you cranked it out it hard it would smooth out it was lethal....

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    heres where pushin got left behind that 2nd from last one is what kind of setup i want... also heres my DD as of now...

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  12. Yeah that's why I went with a 4 stroke instead of a two stroke. I didn't want too many issues with the heat in the summer. I've been running castrol gtx in the engine and it seems to really like that oil. I was running Pennzoil for a couple tanks of gas but noticed it seemed almost dry if it makes sense, any how that's what I was thinking on the fins and all that plastic around the engine. I took off most of the plastic and I'm also running a two stroke carb on it and running it a little bit on the lean side with the needle adjusted to the last notch before the top. Seems to be running really smooth and no loss of power. I'm pretty sure that two stroke carb set up let's it breathe a little better than the stock carb
    I was thinking about how to possibly get some sort of alternator and capacitor combo going on a build that would be awesome.
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    4 month winter? That's a bit much, dontcha think? Our 'winter' is equiv to most other's late fall/mid-spring. the 3 days of 35deg temps should be considered Phoenix' 'winter'

    (I'm in Phx too, btw.)
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    Hi Neighbor Chris, I am in Sunnyslope off of 15th Ave and Peoria.
    Have you been here long?
    ~50 years of my life has been in the valley so I acclimated to the weather, but this week wasn't very friendly, and the weather wonks are predicting mid-90's this weekend, ~18F above normal and we may set a new record high today.
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    I'm in the inland empire as well!!! I've seen it at 117 here. Hot is hot.
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