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    Hello all, finally I can say HI. I have been reading the site for a week or so gathering ideas and trying to learn the basic concepts of bike + motor. I got out in the garage this weekend and built some contraption. I know it needs some work but its a start. I never have been able to complete a project on the first attempt, but I will finish it some time??? I can not really say that will ever happen, better ideas and criticism will help... Anways I will post a thread with some pics.

    Here is the project --> The Project

    Hope you guys will enjoy!
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    Welcome to MBc, globalenigma. It looks like you have a good start on your project. However, with that rear suspension and the way the engine is mounted it looks like you might have a bit of challenge keeping the roller on the tire. I'm sure though that there will be any number of guys here to give you sound advice to help you get the bike sorted out.