im going up pikes peak in a month or two



yeah im going to be ther in colorado by pikes peak

and fill the need to clime it as fast as i can on my 65c c type d bike
to see for my self what it fills like and go down it not to fast i dont whant to die iv had one crash the mont might do me in

but also if any one whants to come all go at a crusie then just for the heck of it and have some fun doing it but im going to be doing it on a stock motor but lightend for more pick up

so if any one whants to come drop me a line and ther will be a time set up later as i said its gfoing to be a month or two down the line
should be an interesting adventure. Fort Collins is my hometown, and i used to drive up that way often. going to be some hellacious scenery, no doubt about that.
yeah i hope it will be fun huh i wonder if dwain from thatdax is down for the ride
I may be up for it. Depends on the weather as to if the road is open. I plan on making a ride up cheyenne canyon towards St. Peters dome in the next week or two. Contact me when you get ready.