i'm gonna go live on my motoredbike...why not, eh?

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  1. augidog

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    after much hair-tearing and cussin', too much time & too much money, i finally have all my decisions made.

    here's my mock-up, i have some fabrication to do but it all fits nice.

    same old "sabrina II"...with new shoes...moped drum hubs (i even have an entire extra set of brake parts)...10G 1.95 front/9G 2.2 rear...built to take a beating.

    a 1000mile tanaka 40cc w/juice-box (and maybe exhaust work) 13T GEBE drive.

    50oz saddlebag-tank & 1.25gal aux. tank

    24v lighting: "raptor" headlight fairing (2x 24v/21w), basic tail/brakelight (24v LED "1157" and moped levers with brakelight switches), powered by a us pro-drive "currie" battery pack. i have the original charger, & much confidence in this basic sla-setup. the decent runtime will get me from charge to charge no problem i think.

    i scored the bags as a set on the 'bay. between them & my large "alice" pack, i'll have plenty of room.

    i'll take a shakedown run to mt. st. helens this fall...then in the spring i'm divin' in...gonna take my modest benefit-check & do things you usually need a big pension & a big vehicle to do. i plan to avail myself of this nation's wonderful park system, and i'll do a "koa" once in a while for laundry & such.

    i won't be writing much about my build or travels, but i wanted to show you's how much i've learned after 4 years of read'read'readin' all the righteous info that's been shared here, and i also figured some of y'all would like to know that i'm gonna be just fine :cool2:

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  2. bamabikeguy

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    There's a lightweight hammock, made of parachute material, bout the size of a large can of pork n beans....perfect for afternoons at the lake. $50 at my bike shop, they have a deluxe one that acts like a tent at night.

    I know a basket would ruin the look on the front, but a super light weight trailer, to hold pup tent and air mattress would be a plus.

    Summer in Canada, winter in the Florida Keys, let Goodwill handle the t-shirt laundry and the swimming holes handle the rest.....it can be done.
  3. Happy Valley

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    'Bout the sweetest post I've seen here in awhile....got the scent of Pines about it or I dunno maybe it's salt air....one thing I'm sure of it's got the music of the open road.
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    if you are in Colorado, you got a place to stay, do laundry, maintenance, shower, etc...just holler
  5. arceeguy

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    Cool Augi - very cool.

    How many miles between "fill ups"?
  6. CatonCam

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    If your gonna use the Parks systems, get yourself all the Passes you can!
    I have a "America the Beautiful" Pass for the National parks and forest systems.
    Its for all of the Federal systems. Free to disabled folks. And there are the same available for State systems too!

    AND, don't forget to get you a fishing license too!

  7. fasteddy

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    augidog--About 5 years ago my now 97yr old mother told us she was taking a cruise with a friend of hers up to Alaska. We live in British Columbia so it wasn't cross country.

    When I mentiond her age ect.her come back was "would you have me do it when I'm dead". That is now my battle cry.

    Hope the trip is a killer and do a blog about it. If you catch peoples interest the advertisers will pay you to put adds on your blog site. That would help smooth the road out.
    Keep us informed as to how it's going.

  8. Alaskavan

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    If you make it up this way, you have a place to stay. I hope you still have my e-mail address. The freedom of the road makes one feel truely alive.
  9. bamabikeguy

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    Same here, plus I can map out routes from these Happy Hunting Grounds, in nearly every direction.
  10. machiasmort

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    A bar of porcupine poop soap will keep the cougars and bears away... Only joking but be sensible! A quality American made pocket knife (gerber) is a must or else these words will echo in your ears at the worst moments... Hammock is a good idea, especially high in a tree. A tarp or black plastic will work to throw over/under you for dampness. A few good survival books will save you alot of money in the long run. Will let you know whats good to eat... Careful, some stuff only at certain times of the year, e.g. May apples, suggest you don't mess arround at all! Get a good one with thick lamenated pages and lots of photo's. Many libraries and unemployment centers have free internet access, no reason not to keep in touch!

    I have a wealth of information on survival kind of stuff and if you need ideas or face delema PM me, hopefuly I'll respond in time! My situation is not the best!

    Was out hunting my own land one time, sprained my knee and was a mile away from my cabin. An unexpected storm blew in off of Lake Erie dumping feet of snow and high winds. My feet were frozen and I imobilized. I started having visions of a skeleton being found until I thought to lash pine branches to my boots with my laces. Made it back Brother! They kept me above the snow!
  11. possenti

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    augidog, I am SO jealous...

    Good luck out there and enjoy your freedom!
  12. Esteban

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  13. Mountainman

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    San Diego lower mountains are beautiful
    setting in the middle between beaches and desert
    best camping right here
    probably no surprize one 20' high rock with lookout spot on top right here on property
    30 mile view to the East
    one mile ((hike)) to Lake San Vincente Lake to the West
    you are welcome anytime
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  14. SimpleSimon

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    augi, seriosly, get yourself a gold pass from the National Park Service - you can fill out the form right at the entry booth and get the card right then and there. Thereafter, all national parks, national recreation areas, and national monuments are free to you. Depending on your actual disability, you may qualify for free use of improved campgrounds - many of which have showers.

    I toured 5 national parks, and eight national recreation areas/national monuments two years ago - total cost to me to enter the parks was zero, use of an improved campsite at Yellowstone and another at Mesa Verde was free. I make a habit of stopping at tourist info centers upon entering a state, to see if I can get a disability access pass to the state parks in that state. When I got home from that trip (above) I had state passes for Oregon,, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.

    Colorado and Oklahoma also gave me fishing licenses free of charge.

    You are preparing to do what I have been dreaming of. Maybe I'll see you on the road some day.
  15. CatonCam

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    In 2007 the "Gold Pass" was replaced with the "America the Beautiful" pass. The gold pass is still good they just don't issue that one anymore.
  16. eastwoodo4

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    Dang MM. You make it sound SO SWEET i might have to come check that one out myself!How many camping spots you got up on that mountian?LOL You cant say no to a fello mbr.lol jk

    ........that was 1mile east of lake San Vincente right?:whistling:
  17. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    welcome anytime eastwoodo4

    be in shape for that hike
    one mile down hill
    I like that part it's that darn comming back up
    but you are more that welcome anytime
    one unused site in yard with hook ups -- elect 220 110 and water

    drop on by the mountains are great
    when I am in the city can't wait

    to get back to this place ----- MM who loves his OBAMA M
  18. machiasmort

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    I'll pack up with ya in W.Virginia and we'll ride out together! He can't say no now!!!
  19. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    Ready when you are!
  20. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    We ride tomorrow!

    He's probably still allowed to read the posts. Must be laughing!