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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by tommyt, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I have spent some time researching the forum, and this being my first post have a few questions regarding my first build plans. I think the rack mounted approach makes sense for a couple of reasons. The rotating assembly is behind you out of harms way, and the "motorcycle look" is not my goal. The system on "" seems to be a pretty standard method.
    I am thinking of using an aluminum channel as opposed to the formed steel channel used in the kits for it's light weight and rigidity. The shafts bearings,chain and sprockets can be sourced from my local industrial supplier.
    The jackshaft chain drive allows for inexpensive gearing changes.
    The Honda Gx 50 four stroke seems the logical choice. I would be curious to know what hp/torque is in comparison to a HT-80 ? I can't help but think about the Honda Z-50 I had as a kid compared to my friends Yamaha YZ-80.
    Quiet, clean burning reliability notwithstanding.
    I will have to source the throttle and wheel sprocket from a vendor, my other question would be regarding where the best place to get the Honda will be?
    I'm in the Fraser Valley so a pm from someone local would be cool.

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    What Fraser Valley would that be......

    The best place to buy a Honda GXH 50 is Small Engine Warehouse.
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    In B.C. Canada. I should probably update my profile. Thanks for your reply.
    Is there a small engine supplier north of the border comparable to S.E.W. ?
    Would like to save on brokerage fees.