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    for the frame engine builders out there this is a beauty alright, and check out that fork, looks like one peach of a ride.
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    It oughta'. I just saw the price. The two models are $3000 & $4000!
  4. And no pedals yet. And no stem mount for the Happy Time! Epic fail.
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    That comes with the NuVinci, does it not?


    duh, it says that- I think I saw that bike in Popular Mechanic or Popular Science. Very nice- there is a lot of room there for an engine.
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    The RIDE™ becoming the first bike to use the revolutionary gearless NuVinci™ Continuously Variable (CVP) drive.

    Gearless NuVinci™ Sounds awsome, the rest of the bike will take some getting use to. Visual taste thing, you know.