I'm in search of this clutch part and I do not know what it is called.

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    Bike newbie here,

    Bought my bike secondhand and I recently discovered that a gear inside has been stripped from normal use. I can't seem to find a replacement part for it anywhere. Can anyone help me by telling me what this part is and possibly where I can find it? If not, do I need a new motor altogether.


    Photo Aug 21, 4 07 53 PM.jpg
    (Clutch pads are intentionally off in picture)

  2. butterbean

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    The gear you are pointing to is called a small bevel gear, and can be found on most supplier's websites, and I think also on some of the ebay stores as well. There is supposed to be a screw holding it in, did you remove it or was it gone when you opened it up the first time? I am not sure if the replacement comes with the screw you need or not. I also dont know what type of screw it is. I've never had to replace one. But I'll bet if it was missing all this time, thats what caused that gear to strip. I don't think you need a whole new motor, and the gear itself isnt very expensive.
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    Butterbean you are a saint. And what a fantastic name, that was the name of my second Boston Terrier. Called him Beanie for short.

    Regardless, I do have the screw that goes in the middle, I had it off at the time of the picture.

    I did a search and found this, I believe it should work. http://heliobikes.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=87

    That being said, I am reading something about a puller tool necessary for the removal so that will be fun to go through. But nothing YouTube can't fix.
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    Looks like the key holding the bevel gear is not there either, they sometimes get pushed behind the gears when they are being assembled. Make sure you get a new one. If you slightly bevel the top front of the key you will have a much easier time keeping it in place when putting the new gear in place. Like BBB said you will need the retainer bolt or screw and I think there is a lock washer also.
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    I have a bag full of these parts. I feel like I have everything you just mentioned. Anything that came off the cover or the gears was placed in the bag. So hopefully I will be good.
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    That one from helio will work, but you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. As far as I know, they are all the same size. I am not sure how much cheaper you may find it, and thats not a bad price to begin with, but its still worth a look. I always get everything at the cheapest price I can find. As far as the name, I was nicknamed after a boxer. A former aquaintance of mine could not remember my name when we first met, and he thought I resembled this boxer Butterbean. So he started calling me that, and for awhile so did other people. Butterbean has over 150 lbs on me, though. He was Super Heavyweight World Champion. Then they disbanded his division and he retired from boxing. So that's the story behind my nickname.
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    This is off-topic but watch these three videos in sequence.

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