I'm just a newbee!!

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    It's real priveledge to participate on this awesome web site. I'm 51 years old, and design and build sailing skiffs, and ever since I put a $20 sears craftsman free spirit 2 stroke friction drive set up on the front wheel of a free 24" tricycle I had a real hankering to do more stuff with bikes, trikes, and the likes. I bought a 26" "next" beach cruiser for $30 dollars after I talked a friend into putting a 66-80cc bicycle motor on his 27" fuji. 38 mph........Geeeeesh. He let me ride it a couple of times and now I'm hooked. So anyway, I'm saven up some cash to build my beach cruiser (6 speed). I plan to go with a 48cc grubee power plant coupled with SBP's HD jack shaft kit. thanx for letting me in. Great site, great photo gallery etc. Thanx again......Fun riden..........Late Best regards,
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    Welcome on board cap'n, Sounds like your well on your way to some more riding fun. I envy you for your sailing skiff design and build. That has always been a fasination to me.(Building and sailing boats) I built a beautiful Selway design canoe 2 or three years ago and its been some of my fondest memories when I think of the building process I went through. Good luck on your motorized bike. Lets see a picture when you get it done. Tom
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    G'day & welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome to MBc

    Have fun,
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    No such thing as "just a newbee"....

    Welcome. We have all been there! Stick with the "sport". You will love it.
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    Thanx Tom for the warm welcome and your interest in boats!! ( and motorized bicycles ) Rare to find people with our interests, There's some good video of the 16 that I designed and built on my web site, http://tack9.com <( 1st day with the new sails!! ) and a lot of other stuff on there as well, I'm still trying to learn how to navigate on this site etc. Thanx again..........Mark
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    Well said!! Thanx fetor56 for the warm welcome........!!
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    Thanx so much Quenton!! Nice signia........!
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    Tankyou Pablo!! New to me......Sporting indeed!!!