I'm just a newbee!!

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    It's a great priviledge to be able to participare on this awesome web site. I'm 51 years old and design and build sailing skiffs. Ever since I put a $20 dollar used sears craftsman 2 stroke friction drive motor set up on the front of a free tricycle I've had a real hankering to do more with bikes, trikes, and the likes!! Then I talked a friend into putting a motor on his 27" fuji, He put a 66-80cc 2 stoke on it and got 38mph........Geeeeeesh!!!!!!!! I'm really hooked now. The same friend sold me a real nice 26" "next" beach cruiser, and after I save up some cash I want to put a 48cc 2 stroke grubee power plant coupled with a SBP's HD jack shaft kit on her. Man I can hardly wait!! Thankyou so much, best regards.........fun riden.....late....Cap'n Schep
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    Welcome aboard.

    You should go for it right away. Most folks are glad they did and wonder why they didn't do it years ago.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted.
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    Thanx bluegoatwoods for the nice welcome, It'll be awhile, but I will post a lot of pics! .......Cap'n Schep