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  1. it says i havent posted a introduce yourself?
    my name is craig whitehead
    im from st.louis mo. usa
    i have 3 bikes!!!!! i love them all
    the first is a totally home-made 49 cc
    friction drive chopper still in the working
    but has about a 1,000 miles on it just keep finding ideas i want to try on it
    next is a streached schwinn sting ray about 5 ft long it has a skyhawk gt-5
    it has about 400 hard miles on it i ve broken the brake arm off one side and just as of yesterday the rear lower frame!!!!bit she'll be fine!!
    and last but no least a schwinn jaguar with a skyhawk gt-5 (66cc)
    ill tell more later with pics but i want to keep reading or out riding !!!

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    Craig - I'll keep responding to your introduction posts until you are able to post on other parts of the forum. Cheers.
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    Hi Craig, welcome to the forums.
    I look forward to your build pics.