Im new and am here to say hello,

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  1. bideronit13

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    Well so far I have a Macargi 7 speed rover (brand new) and the sick bike parts 4 stroke shifter kit. Its all ready to go.
    So I read alot about the issues (very greatfull by the way) of the stage 3 and 4g as I plan on buying a new Honda motor and a trans.
    So I was thinking if anyone ever drilled a hole by the problem bushing and treaded it for a grease nipple. Then just grease from time to time.
    I wanted to thank Tom and everyone who shares there info.
    My picture isnt the greatest but here it is.

  2. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome. I don't know anything about the setup but there are many here who do but I sure like the looks of the Macargi bikes:helmet: