I'm new and love building and riding motorized bikes

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    I'm Dave and I have multiple bikes I ride from stretched beach cruisers to a customer trike that I'm getting ready to add a 6.5 HP motor. I have a Facebook page "motorized custom bicycles"

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    Welcome to the forum. 6.5 hp should get you in plenty of trouble.
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    When I was 15 years old I bought a large motorless homemade mini bike. I put a 10 HP cement mixer engine on it and it would easily go 65mph, only did that a few times. It was real fast and it was geared high at 15mph the engine was just over idle speed. I'm not trying to encourage anyone with this story. Almost rode it off the unfinished Verrazano Bridge the rebar was yet to be paved.
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    Holy Che Guevara!
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    Ol Che became quite holy the day Bolivians caught up with him.

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    He toured on a bike with a Garelli Mosquito engine, not a lot of people know that.
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    I read his book, on his South American tour he and a friend used a motorcycle, and it crapped out on them rather quickly.
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    Should have stuck with the Garelli. It's claimed to be the actual bike on display in a museum somewhere.
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