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    hello every one im some what new at this. i just went and got myself a new home and and i use the money i got from when my new car was stolen. i have a old jeep iv have from when i was young,it runs but,well it is just old,so i use to race bmx for years and all ways have had a ten speed laying around to work on my legs. well one day i was bord and got on the computer and there it was,gas powered kit for a bicycles, y i got there old bike and started to build one,rigth now its a bare frame that i cut all up and made what i like. the motor is a hf 2.5hr motor so. i got a jackshafe, clutch and a chain to make all work, will i got a #35 jackshaft sprockets,chain and clutch. now i need a back sprocket for the back wheel that use a #35 chain. i will post all pics of the build
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  2. samuari86

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    allso need some help posting pics
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    I'm sure there is info somewhere here on how to do the pics.
    Hey -Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    I also have a HF79, great little motor.