im new and trying to build help me out

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dixiedevil, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. dixiedevil

    dixiedevil Guest

    Im wanting to put a motor on a stingray chopper... I know a good deall about motorcycle i ride dirtbikes and own a honda cr125... but i wan to put this stigray together for some funn...i have a mig welder and i am pretty good at using it... i built a lot of thing in my life but im trying to avoid spending a lot of money on a engine and i am more interested in snagging an engine of a tiller or somehting of the sort... i notice no one has talked about any motors except moped motors.... anybody know anything about putting B&S engines on bikes... i had a 5hp but it was shot and going to require modifications... but i kinda want somehting that will haul ass and pop wheelies... any suggestions.... techinaclly i want ti streat legal an in Alabama its under 5 hp so... any ideas, tips what not?

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome Dixiedevil!

    You will probably have more luck if you ask questions in the "tech" section or the "General questions" area.

    There are a couple of bikes here I think, with a briggs type engine.
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Where in Bama?

    Come on up and test ride a 25 cc GEBE, I'm putting on a 35 for a guy in B'ham next monday.

    I'm in Cullman Co, next to the Mulberry River.
  4. dixiedevil

    dixiedevil Guest

    I live in Birmingham, and go to UAB ... im trying to do this with the least money spent..... got the bike got the know(sort a) need n engine and ill go from there...
  5. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    dixiedevil, my dreambike would have a B & S 5-hp minibike engine, old school, centrifugal clutch/belt drive.

    it's gonna be cool to see what you come up with, welcome to MBc 8)
  7. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member


    I gave B'ham/Jeff Co a 4 day ride-about last July, over the Mtn twice via Mtn Brook/Green Springs/Alford/Bluff Park....

    Anyway, happy to help.
  8. dixiedevil

    dixiedevil Guest

    i want to put what ever i can get my hands on on the stingray but i want it fast and able to go up hill with ease... are those bike made out of aluminum or are they steel cuz all i have is a MIG welder(non gas)but im pretty good at it.. i can make some fram adjustments but if i caqn get a 5hp BS engine what else am i gonan need to find...???
  9. dixiedevil

    dixiedevil Guest

    good news... and nevermind... im getting a free 80cc moped kit from a friend thing is brand new... Im so stoked. but got to wait till he gets back in town to go get it.....
  10. dixiedevil

    dixiedevil Guest

    new from AL

    whats up every one. im new here and finally starting on my project involving a stingray chopper and a 200c carter motor.. suprisingly that fits snuggly in the gap...Im presently stuck on a few issues. mainly the brake and electrical situation. THe brake is the most important i trying to figur eout what is the best route for me in that would it be cheaper to buy the hub and the disc kit and do it myself. which i odnt htink would be a problem or for $180-200 (kit&installation) the bike shop down the street will do it... im basically trying to save money here... Im htinking i will just get the guys down the street to do it but i mean Suggestions are mroe than welcome
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    suggestion: read read read the "frame-mount" section...there might be some helpful info in the "BICYCLE repair" area, also...when you find a topic that interests you, post a "reply" with any questions or comments.

    i merged this into your existing intro-thread...
  12. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    hey and welcome, i JUST finished my build on my stingray and i didnt need the hub with the 80cc kit but then i also used the mount from barry. any questions about alignment and things of that nature just pm me, or i will take pics for you all the pics i took so far are at in a slide show i find that easier than clicking the pics in the pics section.:grin: