Im new & having this problem Help?

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    Hi im tip from philly Im new to the & was wondering do anyone know how to get this pin out of the engine... i forgot to put the ball bearing in & now its stuck & i cant get it out... check out the picture im talking about that pin you see....

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  2. Fabian

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    Just use a magnet. If the magnet doesn't work, go and purchase a rare earth magnet. If you don't want to purchase an expensive rare earth magnet, go to a friends place and (when he/she) isn't looking, rip their hard drive apart and steal the (impressively powerful) rare earth magnets out of the drive mechanism.

    Sure, they might scream and yell that their life collection of precious family photos are destroyed, but just remember that motorized bicycling is of far greater importance than inter personal relationships.

    You can be sure that (after many months or years) they will get over their grief - maybe...