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    hi my name is steven and i live in meridian idaho, right outside of boise idaho
    im building an occ schwinn stingray chopper bike, have the bike and waiting for engine kit from livefast to come in mail :) so excited, im not a master of 49cc engines so i am wondering if i were to fabricate a ram intake for it, would it run the engine too hard? any downsides? ill show a ghetto drawing of what im thinkin of doing.

    it would literally ram air into the intake, wondering if this is unhealthy for the engine as the psi in the chambers would be higher than normal, hopefully about 3psi :)

  2. professor

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    Hi Steven, forget the ram air idea, it does work on speeds beyond the 50-60 mph range. Doesn't add much even then.
    But, Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    I am motorizing an occ chopper too. What model are you getting from livefast? I know they offer the 48cc and a 70cc they call a tiger motor, I was curious about these tiger motors because I might want to get another head for it later and am wondering if it is really a grubee or a RAW renamed. I have seen the the grubees go as Titans, and flying horses. ( I am fairly certain) so thats why I am curious about this tiger motor they sell because I want it to be compatable with the head I want with the large cooling fins that fits grubee gt5 and Raw and pk-80.
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    OCC build

    Hi Steve, Welcome to M.B.c. I'm only guessing, couse I didn't take pic's of every one, I've built about 10 or 12 of the Schwinn OCC's. With the stock gearing you get you should get 30 or 35mph out of the bike. I think this is PLENTY fast for such a small bike. I was building my own mounts before they came out on e-bay. I still like my way better for the simple fact that the OCC frames are made of some pretty thin metal, and I welded my mounts to the frame. On the store bought mounts you drill two holes to mount it to the already too thin frame. You can see some of my builds in my ALBUM on this site.
    Good Luck,
    Big Red.
    Sorry, I use the 66/80cc motor. with the 49cc you wont get 30/35mph.
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    I would like to put the huasheng 49cc 4 stroke on my occ stingray but Have never seen a bike with it on it. Is it too tall? does anyone know how to mount this,, I mean, know of a special mount for this engine that someone has made? I really want a 4 stroke for as much as I intend to ride.
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    Hey Tomebaden, I don't see any way of mounting it "inframe". The OCC frame is just too small. The pedals wouldn't clear the engine and the bike has the widest crank I've seen on a stock bike. I just rebuilt a Hua Sheng that was on a OCC and there's no way for the pedals to clear. BUT, that mount was set on the lower part of the frame. I just don't think you could get it high enough to clear. I've seen a mount that U-bolts high on the frame, I'll try to find out where I saw it. You could try the rear mount thing but I don't think it would look "cool". But then, I'm old school, and if it don't look like a motorcycle then it's not for me. The H.T. engines fit, and look like motorcycle engines. And with the 80cc you can get some good speed out of them. If I can get hold of the OCC/Hua Sheng owner I'll have him drop by and look at it closer and measure it to see if if it might be possible. I'll keep you posted.
    Big Red.
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    Thanks Big Red. I was pretty sure I would have problems with the stock cranks, but they sell the wide crank set and they come with most grubee kits that have the 4g T-belt drive on them.

    Like you I have a think for style, If I was going to go with an over the wheel mount I would just get a little friction drive for the hills.

    The set up that seems to suit me is going to cost. Like a morini s6e or s6s but even the 3hp morini just for the engine and muffler looks like it will cost me $600, more than what I want to spend for the entire job right now.