Im new to Forums and Motor bikes.!

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm a 17 year high school kid.. I play Football, I wrestle, and I do Track. I love sports and I have this new found interest in Motor Bikes.. I don't have one yett.. but I would really like to purchase one soon.. I dont have ALOT of money to spend on one but i would still really like one that is cheap and somewhat realiable.. I live in the Portland Or. area.. So what happened is I got pulled over with some of my football friends in my car and my six months aren't up on my license and i ended up getting my car towed, in lots of trouble, have to pay all this money blah blah blah, but I'm looking into these motorbikes because of gas, I would just need it to go to school, and practice.. so anyways.. if you have any ideas or helpful hints to this whole thing lemme know thankss. =)

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    hi ros; if you dont get a motoredbike quick you are headed for a life of crime. uncle mitch