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    im new to motored bikes. i have an 80cc jet black engine ordered from - anyone have any info on them? also wondering how to put that engine kit on a dual susp. mt bike - the back shock is in the way. also if i had a smaller tire would it make it go faster or more torq?

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    welcome to MBc. i have a black stallion on the way from gasbike for my second bike, from the looks of things on the web they look like better kits than my first from ebay. for one thing it comes with a gear puller!!as for the dual sup i have not done anything like that yet so i won`t comment ..last Q ..torq i`m not sure but i do know smaller tire size = lower top speed.
    if your anything like me ...welcome to your new addiction
  3. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. You can adapt a cargo rack to the rear triangle and rack-mount the engine with a mounting plate. I wouldn't cut your main frame.
    You may be better off trading your rear suspension bike to somebody with a hard tail MTB or steel beach cruiser.
    IMHO, the best rear suspension bikes for using frame mounted engines are early GT LTS or K2 Attack. The front triangle of these frames are similar to a hard tail, allowing plenty of room to mount an engine. Soft tails, like the KHS ST series work well also, though they provide only 3/4" of rear travel. Good luck.