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    I just got into this recently and did all the homework on it. CA Laws, CARB, License and Insurance. But the item that is really frustrating is the poor quality one-way bearing. I don't have a welder so I have to order a new T-belt pulley that is of solid stock. After a lot of digging I found out that the one-way bearing has only 13lbs of torque. How is this supposed to stand up to a 4-stroke engine even if it is only 49cc's?

    I bought 2 kits, one for a Huffy Traveler and one for an Electra 7-speed Cruiser with a Jackshift kit. Once I beef up my transmissions I hope to alternate them for commuting to work.

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    I hear that you can JB Weld the one way bearing to make it solid.
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    Welcome guy. Glad to have met face-to-face today on the Lake Balboa Bike Path. Maybe we should see if there is a central valley ebike group or get one going if not. Stay cool on this hot day... ;)