I'm only getting 50MPG Help!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Yote3, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Yote3

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    Ok so what's going on!! (I have a DAX 70cc motor). I broke the motor in like I should the bike now has about 250+ miles on it. One of my thoughts is that I'm too big for the bike I'm 250lb at 6 foot 3, but to drop the MPG by less than half? sounds like a bit too much, and for the most part I peddel along with the bike as to not strain the motor. Any ideas would be great I realy want this to work, but so far a motorcycle would be as good on gas and alot faster (speed and time wise)

  2. crabdance

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    Sorry but I don't know what to say except bummer... I'm sure someone with some knowledge will come along and help. Sorry though it's not me. I hope you get your situation solved. 50 mpg sux.
  3. darwin

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    Im no expert by any means but were talking about a 70 cc motor here, if its using too much fuel maybe its running way too rich? Can you smell fuel in the exaust, how does it sound, what color is the plug when looked at? It would seem a 70cc motor should pull your frame right along with no problemos. If it were me id be looking at the plug to see the color [color can tell you alot about whats going on in the combustion chamber] and then id suspect the carb is acting up.
  4. sparky

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    Yup.. check the spark plug color. But it's prolly something to do with your carb. Air leak, perhaps??
  5. Accender

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    Make sure your choke is wide open and not stuck @ 3/4 or 1/2

  6. GasKicker

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    The owner of a local bike shop got one of these kits. He assembled his carburetor components upside down. Unbelievably, it still ran but was burning very rich. If the carburetor was assembled correctly and the slot is properly seated over the idle screw then you might want to check your spark plug gap.

    Driving habits:
    I have a 49 cc motor. It CAN attain up 28mph with full throtle. I can cruise comfortably at 21 or 22 mph with hardly any throttle at all. I suspect it burns as much as 50% more fuel just to get an extra 3-6 mph. (Ilive in Central Florida where hills are very slight inclines).

    Just some thoughts.
  7. wanger

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    carby leak overflow check your needle seat float level
  8. losenup

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    Sounds a bit high.
    Dont use the original sparkplug. Look att the sparkplug, is it black?
    Lower the needle one step and se how it performs. The "floater" inside the carb might be stuck aswell, but then it should perform quite bad.
  9. Yote3

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    I'll check all of this tonight when i get home thanks for the ideas I'll let you know what I find............Yote3
  10. Yote,not to sound like an #$%^% but are you getting 50 miles per tank? Because a tank is a half a gallon. If you are then you're actually getting 100 miles per gallon
  11. darwin

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    Good point large my tank is only 1.33 litres I think, at 3.89 a gallon it cost 1.33 [coincidence] to fill up and Ive driven 40 miles and its still looks 2/3 full. LOL
  12. pabickwermert

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    yea, what large said.

    Yea, what large said. :rolleyes:
  13. Simon_A

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    Would not an air leak lead to leaning out of the mixture? The OP has a problem with too much fuels use.
  14. sparky

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    Not necessarily. I cracked the insulator (spacer between carb & engine port) on my bike, and it completely messed up the vacuum that carbs must have to run properly.

    Before, it ran great... the little 33cc engine got 30mph on only 20" wheels. After I cracked the insulator, I could only get 25mph tops. If I went over 25, the engine started to bog.
  15. Simon_A

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    Hmmm generally that would cause a leaning out condition. I never thought about it from that angle. The disruption of the vacuum would cause poor atomisation of the fuel.