Im Planning On Starting "motoredbike Races&shows"in S.e.texas!!!

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  1. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    hey all...

    i live in bon wier,texas,and am planning some feild races!!!! (and a custom bike show &cruize around town) and was,oval,or road course?
    and bike-pulls!!!!(test the bikes power with a weighted trailer!)

    well,thats pretty much it....

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  2. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Dunno if I'd be able to make it from South Mississippi, but I'd like to. I certainly wouldn't have anything impressive, but I'm really interested in seeing other motored bikes.

    Anyway... since I'm not fond of loop tracks, I'd say on or off-road course. The road course is prolly most practical for everyone, however.

    Oh yea, and since you can supposedly ride 40mph on TX roads with motored bikes, you guys'll end up leaving me to cruise the Texas streets on my own.
  3. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    what do you think of the strength test ?:)

    and,by "road course",i meant a few cones(like an autocross)placed in the desired shape on a grass field.But a cross-town checkpoint type time-trial sounds(allthough long winded:])
    like a good idea to!!
  4. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    That's what I was thinking of for a road race, but safety would be a bigger concern.

    The strength competition sounds pretty nice... we could see how much more torque 4-strokes really have!
  5. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    hey guys.....SO SORRY for the let-down,but the races were called off by the cops:(

    (due to safety!)

    but so far the bike-pull is still going!

    just need a set length! do i change the choices for the poll?

    MBc edit: post moved to trashbin as he has started another thread in lets ride...did not know how to reset polls?
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