Im torn between Honda and Tanaka

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Waxxumus, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Waxxumus

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    On one hand, I can get a 4 stroke 32 cc honda mount kit for about 350.00
    On the other, I can get a 2 stroke 40 cc tanaka mount kit for about 450.00

    I really really want the tanaka, but thats a tad bit pricy.
    Is it worth the extra hundred to go 2 stroke for the extra power?

  2. 2old2learn

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    I would suggest writing down a list of how you intend to use your bike and what aspects about the bike will be important and then see which motor seems the best fit. If top end is important then the Tanaka will win the day. If simplicity is important then Id give the Honda the edge. Both will get you from here to there.

    Many's the time Ive followed sports cars and high end luxury cars for very long distances. We end up getting there at the same time! Difference was, I had canoes on the roof, motorised bike on the back, and full of fishing gear and camping gear. Which adventure appeals to you?
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  3. Waxxumus

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    I guess i would say the slower honda, ive always liked honda. and 4 strokes are a tad easier to deal with.
    Plus they dont overheat like crazy.
    It would be my first 4 stroke.
    Or... i could mod the hell out of the tanaka and make it go 50+ ? XD no. thats too fast for a bike.
  4. Waxxumus

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    I really like this analogy. Its funny tooting around on my 66 and catching up to people who were driving 50mph 2 minutes ago just to catch a red light.
  5. darwin

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    Tanaka is a great motor but to me it is loud. You should hear one run before deciding on one. I didn't and after one ride I sold it, 40cc. Took a $50 loss on it but that's the way selling used MAB stuff works. I consider myself lucky to have only lost $50 on the deal.