Imperial Cycles Custom Boardtracker Gas tanks

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by slump, Jul 2, 2010.

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    I ordered one the other day... It's been three weeks and I've heard nothing from them. I've tried to contact them, but they don't seem to check their e-mail or messages.
    I've contacted PayPal and they are going to refund my money... I WOULD NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!!
    This sucks, I was looking forward to my tank.
    Now, I'm in the market for another tank. I kinda like the under the seat cylinder tank look.
  3. rustycase

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    Too bad!
    It's not a bad looking generic one size fits all tank for the price, I guess...
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    Finally got ahold of somebody and the tank was shipped last week and should be arriving today. It's to bad I had to go onto their FaceBook page and complain to get a responce from the company!
    Looking forward to getting outta work, so I can check out my purchase.
    I take back the negative things I said about the company (Eric). I just wish the communication was better. He should send out an e-mail confermation or something, to let ya know the order went through.

    Yeah, it's a sweet looking tank :) This is gonna change the whole look of my bike. It's gonna shout, "Custom!"
  5. rustycase

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    That's good to hear!

    Communication is SO important...

    I keep thinking of that 'Cool Hand Luke' movie... 'What we have here is a failure to communicate!'

  6. SlugMan

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    I installed the tank over the weekend. Works great, but I noticed a couple of design flaws...
    The first one I noticed was tank only had one mount under the front. While this worked good, the tank could still be lifted up from the back. On some of Imperial Cycles builds, I noticed a welded tab bracket on the *** end of the tank, so you could bolt it onto your frame. Well, it didn't come with a rear bracket (I thought it would)... I ended up drilling a very small hole where the two sheets of metal met under the tank, under the weld. Then I used a zip-tie to fasten it to the frame. That solved the problem for me.
    Next thing I noticed was the fuel line outlet, it was positoned in the middle of the back of the tank... So, when ya run outta gas, you really have about 1/4 gallon left. Why they did this is beyond me? Reserve? Maybe...
    It does come with a nice fuel shutoff. Which includes a built in filter, that reaches into the tank.
    The gas cap is non-threaded. It just fits VERY tightly inside the hole with a O-ring gasket. It does have a pinhole in the top. Works fine, so far.
    Just my 2 cents :)
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    Glad you like your tank. sounds cool.

    50 boiled eggs!!! ouch!!!!!