imports banned??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wheelsmith, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    thanks old pete ,,for getting me pointed in right direction,,,ok newbie here,,can some one explain this no imports of 2 strokes from china thing??the kings motorbikes fellow must have a ton of them ??says i can get one anytime ,,allready sent me two kits,,and secondly i'm not the wheelsmith who does the wheel rebuilding ,,we do complete chopper bobber frames for triumph and bsa ,,also yamaha 650,,,i do the boardtrackers as a sideline using 26" bike frames,,hope i picked the correct spot for this question ,,thanks ,,regards ,,wheelsmith

  2. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    I'll make it simple for ya. It's illegal to ship the motor completed but if sent in two pieces then it's AOk.
  3. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    easy enough,,thanks doc

    doc ,,mucho thanks ,,easy enough,,next question ,,whos the porting expert ??can i get a gyt kit barrel,,,in the 60s yamaha called factory race kits a gyt kit,,honda raceing called there early race parts"810",,the last of these was for cr 92,,cb 72 by 67 after market took over,,so much for history ,,hope this question is in correct forum??,,,some body keep me cool on stuff please till i get the right groove,,,thanx WHEELSMITH
  4. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    i got of the phone with don grubee and he sayed that the import people who take in a ll the documents know who we are know where we are and just dont have to man power people or money to do the bust on the companeys but know that it is going on but chose to hang back and let us get away with it hahaha but its only a matter of time but he said he is untacheble in china
  5. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Porting China strokers? Search and read the posts of Egor...then PM him into your post about porting. Good luck! Scotty from Star Trek, "I think she's going to blow Captain!" Hahahaha!
  6. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    old pete ,,the guru

    homage to the high lord ,,of the mbc set ,,old pete,,,your the best ,,,thanks again,,regards ,,newbie WHEELSMITH
  7. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    No sucking up. ;)

    One of the vendors that posts here stated that the Nipponese small engine builders were most highly upset about what was coming into the USA from China and put pressure on the FEDs. Parts(disassembled engines) will dry up at some point in the future but who knows when?

    Way Off Topic: PM me the URL for the bobber frames...I'm just curious. I am shopping for a '93 TDM Yamaha ATM(counter balanced parallel twin). M/Cs can only be posted about in the White Zone or Heritage Lane.
  8. assembling engines

    NOT TRUE! I was informed by an email from EPA that the fine for assembling "illegal Motorcycle engines" was $35,000 per engine, and that they were lumping ANY 2-wheel engine into that class.

    TRUE that they have not lowered the boom yet, but you may wish to post what kind of ciggarrettes you like, and what kind of condoms you may not be allergic to, so that when they come "a-callin" someone will put "money on your books' while you rot in jail!

    It's ok if you are brave, and think that the smuggling goes unnoticed, just get your ciggarettes and "pin money" all settled befroe you get a "US Government Certified Vacation" at the newly remodeled facility of THIER choice.

  9. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    doing time for 80cc crime??

    well thanks fellows think i got the handwriting on the wall ,,have seen the simpson stuff ,,cool ,,,no need spending anymore ink on my newbie question,,,so far ,out of two engines,not a hicup from them ,,and i'm a 3x dude ,,look for my "brooklands racer "COMING SOON ,,i'll sort out the parts thing when i blow one ,,i prefure 4 strokes anyways ,,,wheelsmith
  10. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Mike's response- very true- higlights the difference between what is legal and what you can get away with for a while.

    You see- some people think that they are smarter than the law makers (and in some way they are) but they are not when it comes to writing laws. Well the importation of "parts" may techinically be legal, I can assure you that there is a law preventing the importation of something as parts with the intention of assembling an entire engine from the new "parts"- and, as Mike said, the assembling itself is illegal.

    Just because a law is not enforced does not mean something is "legal".
  11. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    It is not illegal to order parts from china but I believe you when you say they have a law about assembling them together with the intent to resell.
    I guess they would be looking for quantity buyers, in order to substantuate.
    I would think that searching for plutonium might be a little more important.
  12. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    according to my many conversations with various sellers...everyone's finally seeing the light...there's a wave of migration towards "legal" configurations and products. my opinion is that the feds won't waste time chasing down individual owners but will simply cap the well of (chinese 2-stroke) parts and engines.

    note we've removed the ebay ads...too many cheap kits are flooding the market, someone's trying to cash in big-time, offering really cheapo kits as low as (i've been told) $55 wholesale. rumors indicate some pretty nasty tactics hand being all nicey-nice, other hand being greedy and capitolizing on grey-area legislation. i love the happy-time engine, and would give an arm for a "legal" and compliant version, but i'm not gonna hold my breath waiting.
  13. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    YES HONDA LOST BILLIONS ,,when the three wheeler law suits hit a few years back ,,honda motorcycles division lost to much for there liking ,,would not surprize me if the bean counters "OUR RICE COUNTERS",,said losing sales to china is next and went to greasing some bodys wheels ,banning exports of engines ,,stranger things have happened,,,the closed boardrooms of biggies like honda work like the cia ,,honda held out its trade secrets for years ,,closely gaurding all racing specs on all machines,,,makes me wonder ,,old petes buddy could be correct about japan,,,regards wheelsmith
  14. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    Just Don't Get It

    SITTING here listening to my neighbors weed eater ,,,the guys from the power company running a screaming saw thru my trees ,,and the city worker leaf blowing sidewalks,,,just don't get it ??what makes motorbike engines the worst ??,,,somebody don't like um ,,,has any one group challenged the rulings??,, WHEELSMITH
  15. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    AND YES read every thing on site on banned imports ,,did not take the pole,,still don't understand ,,how of all engines imported ,did the bike engines get singled out for ban??the discussion on ban became debate on honda cars ???,,still in the dark
  16. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Perhaps it has to do with our Japanese friends not wanting the chinese to copy and market their cheaper products to America. After all China is not on "America's hot to deal with" list, right now.
    Can't blame Japan but I do wish Japan would lower their cost.