impressions about chinese 80cc engine

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by gemballa, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. gemballa

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    Before all ...Sorry for my english, im Brazilian, :dunce:

    Recently I both a 80cc motorkit on ebay, I installed yesterday...
    So this are my first impressions:

    The engine is strong, goes uphill easly, but a SHIFT KIT is needed, because on downhill when you could take some more speed you cant, is better go with "free clutch" on downhill, then acellerating...
    Its like driving a car with only 2 gears, the first and the second, I wanted to accelerate but I couldnt..SHIFT would be the best upgrade..

    The engine kinda alitlle noisy, but I guess is normal...

    The shift kit would coast the same that I payed for the motor kit with shipping..$180, so I will wait somemore, to install it

    The kit is bealtifull, and well design (for the price)
    So..thats it... I ride it for 30 minutes, so thats all volks...
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  2. AussieSteve

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    Your English is fine.
    You have the right idea - power up the hills, then pull in the clutch and coast down the other side.
    A little noisy, yes, but that helps people to hear you coming.
    Now that you've had a good ride, double-check that everything is still tight, in particular engine mounts, chain tensioner, inlet and exhaust studs, head gasket. In the case of the gaskets, they compress a lot when the engine is run for the first few times.
    The shift kits do sound good - I'm thinking about buying one myself.

    ... Steve
  3. gemballa

    gemballa New Member

    Insted of buying a expenssive shift kit, maybe changing 44 tooth sprocket to an 36 will make difference?

    Or will suffer on "up hills" ?

  4. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Yes, a 36T sprocket would give you a higher top speed, but less power for hills.
    Also, it will be a little harder to take off and your minimum speed will increase.
    If a 36T is too high a gearing, a 40T sprocket is available from zoombicycles.
    A 36T would probably give a speed increase of about 10kph and a 40T would be nearer to an extra 5kph. (Very rough estimates)
    ... Steve