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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Jeez... I thought this thread was gonna be about smartphones. :cool2:

    I've seen most of those videos before. The last half of the second one is definitely new to me, tho. Do you think the robot has feelings and gets embarrassed/ashamed when his creator laughs at him for being so retarded?

    Watching him slip on ice was also entertaining.
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    The thing that blew me away was how well and how fast the stabilisation system was able to prevent the robots body section from hitting the ground.

    Truely impressive engineering and it fills me with wonderment at the level of technological development military laboratories are playing with.

    They might have a well developed humanoid variant - brings to mind images of the "TheTerminator".
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    These things on there own don't scare me, but robotics as a whole do.

    See, we have walking robots like this.

    We have thinking robots and learning robots.

    We have robots with weapons systems more accurate and powerful than a human can carry.

    Weapon systems can be put on almost any robot, even a little crawler the size of an RC car could carry 3 pistol rounds for assassination purposes.

    This scares me, because 15 years ago, we had digital cameras, cellphones, PDAs, and netbooks- now they are all wrapped up in the same device. So what happens when you have something that can kill, and has the shotty thinking process of a man made machine?

    That being said, this robot is totally cool
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    That's exactly my thoughts too.

    From what i've come to understand, the new technologies that we see enter society only come to be after the military has deemed that technology outdated, passing it onto the civillian sector.

    It terrifies me to think what the military has at it disposal, in a battle ready state and what technologies they have on the drawing board.
    In ways, it lets the military establishment off the hook when it comes to war crimes if using robots - they can play a story about can a glitch in the system when the thing kills women and children and innocent people on it's programmed objective.

    But still, the technology is seriously impressive, and that's only what we get to see.

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    kinda creepy.

    look at this video and remember,they can always do more than what their showing.
    imagine the classified technology.imagine what this could do to a plane.