Improved Bike Bug Friction Drive

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by msamigo, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Have develpoded both a front drive and rear drive - 2 and 4 cycle friction drive. Installs in minutes and engine and be removed by hand (no tools) - made in USA. 713 9762 2681

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    Sam Sam the Spam man is here, he will sell you info given to him for free, for $25.00, a roller skate wheel with a hole drilled in it $ 25.00, the little hose to connect the exhaust yep you guessed it $25.00 what is 6-7 bucks an inch?
    What a sleaze.
    500 bucks for a 23cc toy.

    This guy has spammed every bike site provides nothing other than spam.
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    I did not see a lot of engine specs on your site. Does it have a clutch? What size is the engine? What size is the roller? Thanks