In all honesty how many miles have you gotten on your HT motor before it wears out???

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  1. I have had 7 or 8 HT engines and none of them have lasted very long before they lost power and died....I maintain them and use plenty of oil,but they always wear out....I am thinking that running WOT most of the time is my problem and if I run at a cruising speed of around 22 mph or so it will last alot longer....Like any motor if your running full tilt its bound to burn up or wear out to fast....
    So how many miles have you gotten out of your HT engines?Be honest....

  2. Hammond Egger

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    238, 160, 7 and 0. I always run my engines WOT.
  3. **** that is a bummer,I have gotten around 500 miles or so before I stopped keeping track on the miles and then they quit not to long after that....
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    I've had two HT engines. Didn't actually measure the mileage before I gave up on them, but they were in the hundreds, I suppose. Not really all that impressive, is it? But then, I don't suppose they can be expected to last all that long. There's not much there.

    I get the impression, though, that the guys here who really know these engines inside and out (and can repair and upgrade) can get four figures out of them pretty easily. Except when they get the occasional dog.
  5. adb140275

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    my friend had well over 500 on his before he got rid of it, it still ran fine
  6. DanielMaia

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    1800miles and counting!, 20:1 mix, WOT all of time, its rock engine, lots of power!
  7. 1800 miles at WOT!!!!That is crazy!!!! The thing that wears these engines out quicker is running it full tilt all the time....I have always ran mine at WOT as well but they never last that long....The new engine that I put on last week,im running it at around 22 mph instead of the WOT at 28 to 30 mph....Im going to see how much that helps in making these engines last longer....

    Someone wrote about how the only way to get any life out of these motors was to use a shift kit to keep the rpm's down and I have to agree with him....
  8. DanielMaia

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    Normally, i only WOT uphill and straight roads, only until i reach my mental limit - 31 or 32mph with 44t sprocket (7200RPM).

    Downhill i do 2 simple things: or i push the clutch lever (engine at idle), or i just push a little the throttle for a 25mph steady speed.

    I always use 5% oil mix, Putoline TT Sport, i think its semi synthetic, with JASO FD, its perfect for me!.

    2 or 3 problems i had...(dont know exactly how i say in english (portuguese here), its the little end of the shaft, righ side of engine, connected to broke. I installed a new one, and its perfect.

  9. DanielMaia that is a nice looking bike....I also eather pull in my clutch going down hill or just back off the throttle....

    Im hoping by only driving at half throttle with this new engine it will last alot longer....I hear some people claiming they are getting 6 or 7 thousand miles out of there engines and I just dont believe this nonsense....You can always tell when someone is full of it becouse they will not only claim 6 or 7 thousand miles but they will add there bike goes 40+ mph with a 44 tooth sprocket and that is just bull ****....
  10. Ok I got 61 miles on new motor and im driving at around 22 mph and a few times taking it up to 28 mph....I am going to just keep running it a half throttle and hopfully this will make a big difference in the life of the motor....
  11. DanielMaia

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    I have also a high quality piston/rod bearing, that makes a little difference on engine life, also..
  12. rattlerviper

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    I broke mine in right and used sythetic oil. It made it roughly 800 miles before it went south and tried to kill me.
  13. That is about the most I have ever gotten out of one of these motors if that....
    Im going to get me a friction drive next from Staton or someone....
  14. rattlerviper

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    I bought a bmp and a monster engine. I am looking at replacing the monster with a suburu or honda soon. The monster is way better than a ht, but i should have bought the better engine to begin with. The bmp is bomb proof.
  15. crowvise

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    at $120 -200 a pop per engine, I'm believing the intelligent choice would be to bump the up front cost and get a morini for $600-800 & not only forget about replacements, but the constant touch ups AND repairs.
    Makes much more sense in the long run, economically, AND the preformance levels are superior.
    I'm tired of HT breakdowns as, although a fun hobby, it is my only means of transportation.
  16. billgill

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    Has anyone taken the time to perform an autopsy on one of these worn out motors? I expect I'll be doing about 100km a week on one of these bikes. That only translates to about 8 weeks lifespan at 500 miles. These motors look quite basic (possibly the problem) so should not be to hard to maintain.
  17. Im in the same boat as you,that it is my only means of transpertation....I dont have the 600 to 800 bucks to buy a morini and then I would have to pay someone to build a mount kit for it....
  18. Stan4d

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    Sorry, but you have the money to buy 7 or 8 HT's (being frugal, at a cost of $120 each) and you dont have it for a morini? You probably should do alot more research before paying for your only means of transport. There are two American options that are more affordable than a morini and they are more reliable.
  19. I bought my first 2 kits complete and then bought just the replacement engines at 55 dollors each....I can only afford 75 bucks at a time and dont cant afford to save up to pay that much money for a morini....I have done TONS of research and people (on the bicyling board)claimed these HT engines would last for around 6000 miles or so I bought one and then got stuck buying repacement engines for 55 bucks or so when I had the money....I am now running my new HT engine and am hoping it will last long enought to save up enough money to buy a rear friction drive kit for around 350 to 400 bucks....Im wanting the Robin/Subaru 4 stroke engine kit.....I hear they last and last....
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  20. Stan4d

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    Just one question.......where are you getting them for $55? I am interested.