In frame tank Felt (gasbike) vs skyhawk frame

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  1. Sitherus

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    Hi everyone I would love some help deciding on a frame.
    this is what I'm having trouble deciding. There are two frame designs (that aren't chopper).One is upright, round, and and has a more narrow wheel base. The other is more low (in my opinion more aggressive), square, and has a more stretched wheel base. They both, depending on how you build them, can look amazing. However they both have their pros and cons, for instance:

    The felt style bike has a more low, square look with what I presume is a smaller gas tank which has welds mid frame rather than swooping back to the seat like the other. It has a built in kick stand with no place to mount a prop-stand.
    The SkyHawk frame has a more round upright feel to it. The whole thing is more forward, and the gas tank is swooped back all the way to the seat post. It does not have a built in kick stand and can use any third party kick stand for any bike.
    (Don't be fooled here in this pic. The bike is leaned forward by the prop-stand.)

    I need help deciding on which to get.
    Also how hard is it to patch holes in the dummy gas tanks. They sell them but never describe where the holes are or how to patch them.

  2. Sitherus

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    Come on anyone. Pros? Cons? Something to break the tie. Something I don't know.
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    Actual geometry (in numbers) would be interesting to see! :D I have never seen the geometry of either frame posted on the forum. Without a standard fork though, wouldn't be possible. :oops:
    In a hobby this small someone at the companies making them should read this and reply, but I bet they won't! :rolleyes:
  4. Sitherus

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    Thats why I hope someone who has more money than me has built on both frames.
  5. Sitherus

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    I drew this to show what I'm looking to do. dream bike finalized.png
  6. bakaneko

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    wow, that is pretty darn good. better than the usually MS paint drawings we have in here. :p
  7. CrazyDan

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    Seems someone took graphical design. You can do searches for either build in this and the other forums. I know for certain the skyhawk frame has tons of reviews and build threads. Also think its the frame kcvale uses for his fancy builds. The felt is less used because of price and the fact that you still need to seal the tank and tap it for a gascap, but I've seen build threads on those as well. I like the looks of the felt v12 and 1903, looks like the original motorcycles. Plus I'm sure they are more sturdy bikes than the skyhawk, but wait for someone who has built on it to reply. Whichever you decide to build, make a build thread for it :D.
  8. Sitherus

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    2 things. I have never had any schooling in graphical design. I have had training in autocad though. Anyways do you know where I could get a gascap thread tap? I also am interested in the bikes you mentioned I will look into them.
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  9. gary55

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    I have built 3 on skyhawk frames. Love the way they look, but don't like the way they handle. Probably something you could get used to. The people who are now riding them love them. Have not used the felt type yet, but have rode one and liked is. I'm thinking of getting one of the felt type frames from kings motorbikes. Waiting
    for them to let me know weather or not it will accept a 135 mm rear hub. They are alum. and tanks are sealed cost 149.00.
  10. Sitherus

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    does the one shown in the picture handle badly? which way makes it rough.
  11. gary55

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    I don't know that I would call it badly. Some people like the handling of mountain bikes, and this seems between a MB and a cruiser. A bit high centered and to quick to turn for my liking. It is a matter of individual preference.
  12. Sitherus

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    so its like sports bike vs cruiser
  13. JunkyardDog

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    As was mentioned, the Felt frame is not designed as a gas tank. It us not sealed, and may not be sealable. I believe that the place where you would have to cut the hole and weld a filler neck may be double walled. I watched a video of a so called expert builder have all kinds of problems trying to convert a Felt fake gas tank into a real one. Even if you are successful, you would have top repaint the frame because of the welding. No doubt the Felt frame is better quality than the Skyhawk frame, but I don't believe it is really suitable for a gas tank. I'm considering a more conventional build using a Felt Bixby frame. They are all made in China, but Felt frames are most likely higher quality than the Skyhawk. Everything made by Skyhawk seems to be about the same quality as a cheap Chinese scooter. My last Trek mountain bike was made in China, but in to Trek's specifications. It held up very well.
  14. Sitherus

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    I also have a trek they are made very well. I have decided to get the felt bike against your warnings. I came to this decision yesterday after having to patch a water tank from the inside with tight corners on a house im helping building. Thank you very much for you opinion. I also agree that the skyhawk frame probably isnt the best quality considering they are produced quickly and sold the same they just dont leak. The frame motor stand is at the wrong angle for a motor so it sits with a gap. the felt bike will have everything already attached to it so i wont have to spend time finding parts for it. (EXAMPLE) front fork, wheels, brakes, tires, bearings,other.
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  15. KCvale

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    That I do Dan...

    From 2-stroke UN-coated 2-stroke shifters like this...


    ... to a fancy Powder Coated 4-stroke shifters like this on a real Skyhawk frame with a back disc mount like this,
    Note that they both have front and rear disc brakes.


    I like the gas tank frame.
    It sure beats the stock black 'barnical' gas tank you can put on most any bike, but not cheap to do.
    $150 for the frame, another $100 to get it PC'ed, and then you need the parts to make it a rolling frame.

    I use the $350 Fito Modena 7-speed for my builds like this, I just strip all the parts off leaving just the carcaus, and put them on the larger gas tank frame like this new blue one that's next up for a 4-stroke shifter in front of whats left of the Fito...


    Then again I'm not your normal hobby builder ;-}