In-Frame Tank

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by GhettoBike, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Check out my new In Frame tank
    polished dyno.jpg
    Built by the crew at Ghetto Bike
    Cool Tanks & Parts
    I took my frame to them and it took about 4 days
    they are working on some pretty cool stuff there .
    Looking forward to showing off my new ride at the track.

  2. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    That is a real nice looking tank.
  3. massdrive

    massdrive New Member

    Wow freakin awesome looking tank. You're going to blind the competition.
  4. Mahlus

    Mahlus New Member

    They also made my in frame tank for my build, it's under Sinister.
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Love the tank, how much does it hold?
  6. Racie35

    Racie35 Member

  7. Mahlus

    Mahlus New Member

    I paid 240$ for mine, but it was for a Micargi Mustang
  8. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    It holds 1 gallon with a little room
  9. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Oh so it's a big tank
    How did you find Ghetto Bike ?
    I was referred by a friend who had some custom motor mounts made by them.
  10. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is a very nice looking tank.
    Are you coming to the Dec 7th Willow RacEvent?
  11. roughrider

    roughrider Member

    Beautiful tank!
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Sweet, about the size of a top bar mount Wizzer 1.25 Gal tank.

    One day I hope to see black plastic 'snap in' tanks that would fit in common beach cruiser frames that all beg for one, especially for 4-stroke builds.