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    O.K. I searched and can't find. I'm looking for a plastic (polyethelyne) see through gas tank to mount on my BMP friction kit for anyone familiar with said kit. I would like to find a rectangular tank that I can mount on the side of the channel opposite the motor. All I'm looking for is a tank. I'll have the mounting bracket fabricated. I would also like one that holds at least 2 litres of gasoline. O.K. That's my specific request, however beggers can't be choosy. Any info about after market fuel tanks anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated ! I've searched this forum, eBay and the internet and have found nothing. Yet !!!!
    Thanks !

    ..... Porkchop .....

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    Hey PC,

    First let me say I will PM you a little later, sorry for the delay in answering it...

    Gas tank.... When I had my HT setup last year, I got ride of that frame mounted tank and went with a poly fuel tank like you are looking for. Actually got it and went to Walmart and got a $4 lunch bag cooler that it fit perfectly on and zip tied it to the rack.

    Anyways, back to you looking... if money is not bad for you, ANY local lawnmower shop will have a bunch on hand. Going the budget route, go on EBAY and search for "poly fuel tank" and you will see a bunch come up. I bought a 96 ounce poly off of EBAY last year for like $6 or so.

    BTW, I just bought my second BMP friction kit yesterday, should be up and running in one week, still want to ride?

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    A week ? Took me only about an hour Are you just slow or did you lose all your left handed screw drivers ! Hee ! Hee ! I can say tha 'cause I'm left handed ! I've been on the phone this morning checking localy for a tank. No one seems to have any generic tanks. They all have make and model specifics. And I did find a 96 ounce tank on eBay for about $12.00 delivered. It's either that one or one of the others that a few people enlightened me about. And yes, I'm interested in riding. The hard part is going to be trying to catch me when I have the time and feel like it. I rode about 15 miles late yesterday afternoon. Actually, it was more like early evening. I stopped at a friends and it got dark on me. At least I got to check out my new head light ! got another BMP kit huh ? Good for you. What engine are you using ? I almost went to a local flea market yesterday to see if I could find any good engines for another build. I kind of want a 4 cycle.
    Thanks for the reply !

    ..... PC .....
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    Excuse me, I'm blind ! I re-read and see where you said you bought a new kit yesterday. Not that you got it yesterday. ! Gee, if it takes someone a week to put a BMP kit together, I'd hate to see them do a frame mount ! Just ragging you a little. Can't give me home boys a hard time ! They might turn on me ! By the way, I order my BMP kit on a Friday afternoon and it was here the following Monday morning. They are excelent shippers and packagers so I understand. I don't think I've ever read or heard anyting bad about them. And I guess you're pleased with them or you wouldn't be buying another kit from 'em.
    Good luck !