in need of recumbent or simmilar frame

as most of you know, i have 14 1/2 size feet, and im only 14. my feet didnt grow much till i was around 7. you do the math. as a result, i have craters in my ankles, and even with cortozone shots, i can only go around 5 miles continously without having to take a 20 min break, cause of the weight on my ankles. so im looking for a recumbent or somthing to take the stress off of my feet, in a more in front of me motion. i have UP TO NOT ABOVE 200 dollars to blow, if im lucky. i have a feeling i wont find much, but i figured its worth a shot. i ask this, because the whole point of my motored bikes is to reduce stress on my ankles. but since i have been riding, i now weigh 200 and some pennies so i need to lose weight, somehow. thanks alot guys!!!!!!


well, thanks for the link! sadly, i dont think the local community college would let me weld lol. i think im gonna attempt this e book design i bought... im still looking fora recumbent though. the designs i got are kinda ugly.


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Apr 8, 2008
El, if you look under "parts" on his site, he sells frames. They're inexpensive and he is easy to work with.
Just a thought.


well, i might go that route once i save some money up. right now, im gonna try to build my own, with that book thanks again!!