in need of where to find brake light

I am looking for a decent taillight -brake light that i can mount on my motored-bike something better than the hong kong taillight i bought off of ebay and didn't survive the first run. if you could help or point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated. then i'll post my ride

member d1long
hi dlong,

yeap you live and learn does hong kongers i pretty weak. I too started trying to wire it up as a brake light and that small brake wire switch an absloute joke.

If you read around you will find various new posts about lights, brake lights etc in the fourm, the best way to give yourself a good light is to run it off a 12 volt battery be it a 12 lead acid battery, a existing 12 volt light pack or a homemade 12 vt pack.

once you have your power source you can attach it to some electric scooter brakes, and any light you desire for your ride

this was $5 investment from walmart lights up like a christmas tree.

ok, powersource, brake levers, light

read the various blogs about 12 volt lighting systems and you will find an idea you can flow with.

best wishes with the build.